Reality: A Musing
Evan, Age 13, Ashburn, VA
                      Dreaming, a fortitude of mind
When all is serene and open
And only corruption can kill.

Love, trial of the lonely soul
When nothing is there but yearning
All seems futile until it reaps
When rejection kills the resolve
And only faithfulness can win.

Justice, an overused concept
Where interpretation is key
Pen name for truth and hate alike
Where there is but a fine, fine line
And noble means blind, deaf, and mute.

Humor, a guest of perspective
Where going too far is easy
But staying in bounds is golden
Stabbing with a serrated blade.

Politics, lethal divider
Where opinions are ridiculed
Where all are experts but few know
Where all must choose sides or be marked
Where all lose their sense of hearing
But still feel speech necessary
Where learning and tolerance die.
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ISSN 1703-3020

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