My West Virginia Vacation
Justin, Age 12, Wadsworth, OH
Rich, Aaron and I are finally on our way to West Virginia. It’s our 4th of July vacation that we look forward to each year. Aaron is retired and Rich was able to get off work Friday and this year the fourth is on a Monday, which means we will have three full days of fun. We are leaving early this morning so we can be at the camp by noon. Rich is driving his truck with all our four-wheelers on the trailer behind us. Our gear is in the bed of the truck. We should have good traveling weather today, but Saturday night there is a good chance we will get an inch or so of rain. We are hoping the rain misses us. If it hits our area things could get dangerous.

After about four hours, we are all starting to feel cramped in the cab with two men and me. Rich and Aaron are both about 6’ 3”, tan with brown eyes. Rich wears flannel shirt, blue jeans, a John Deere hat, and work boots. Aaron looks about the same, just older. Thank goodness we are almost to our stopping point to get gas and food. This is the last bigger town we go through before getting to the camp. There is a small store with gas down the road from camp but it is very expensive.

After filling up in Charleston, we get on Acme Road. This is basically a one-lane road that curves along hillsides and ends close to Marysville where our camp is. There are no stops or stores on this road. It has a couple of pull off areas so people can pass each other. I especially like the section where we go under the rocks that hang out over the road.

We have been on Acme Road for about an hour when we get to Route 30, which is the main road thru Marysville. There are no stop lights or stop signs on Route 30. In about fifteen minutes we get to Blackwood Creek, another one-lane road, which takes us to our hunting camp. We have to be very careful because this road is even narrower than Acme and just as curvy.

Yea! We are finally here at camp. Camp is a trailer with an addition off the back and a covered porch. The trailer has three bunk beds and a little kitchen area with a microwave oven, sink, and stove. The addition has a TV room with a couch, five chairs, and a small pot belly stove to heat the camp. The addition also has a shower room with a refrigerator. There is another door off the shower room that leads to the side porch with a gas grill and the wood shed. The toilet is an outhouse located approximately fifty yards away.

As I unload the truck, Rich and Aaron start the process of priming the pump so we can have running water. Next we get the outhouse opened up and ready for business. Then we get the four-wheelers unloaded. Rich’s four-wheeler is a white two-wheel drive. Aaron’s four-wheeler is a green four-wheel drive with rear suspension, and has a bag on the back where we can put drinks, etc. My four-wheeler is a camo four-wheel drive with rear suspension, and a camo bag on the back to put drinks in, etc.

Once we have stuff settled, we are now ready for the fun to begin. First we stop by the neighbors’ house to see how everyone is and to let them know we are at the camp. Sometimes some of the neighbors go with us. Then we head out on the trails.

When we are ready to leave, Aaron usually leads, then Rich second, and I pick up the rear. We have a normal route we take the first day to check what kind of shape the trails are in and what has been going on since we were there last. We always end the day stopping by the store to fill up with gas and get something to eat. Rich and Aaron usually run into someone they know, so we get some more news on what has been going on. Back at the camp, we sit on the porch watching for deer then head to bed. I enjoy listening to the creek that runs behind the trailer.

The next morning we get up and head to Rose’s Dinner to eat breakfast and get more news of what has been going on. Then we hit the trails for the rest of the day. Usually we end the second day down at the neighbors’ house sitting around their fire ring telling stories and getting more updates. I usually get to play with their kids most of the time. We go fishing and four-wheeling around the paths they have made around the farm.

Sunday starts off just like Saturday. However, we get caught in the rain in the afternoon. Luckily we have rain gear to put on so we don’t get to wet. We hide out under some rocks once when it really starts coming down. When we start home the trails are very muddy and slippery. Rich cannot get up one of the hills. So we get the rope out and try to pull him up the hill. But that does not work. Then we decide to have Aaron pull and I push with our four-wheelers. That doesn’t work. So then we decide to turn around and try to find a new way up the hill that isn’t so slippery. That doesn’t work; the hills are just too slippery to get up them. So we have to wait for a day and then try to get up the hill again. This time we are able to make it up the hill because the hill dried overnight. When we get back up to our camp, we stay there for the rest of the day to sleep and recuperate. We need to rest so we will be able to get up early to get the truck packed to go home.

When it’s time to go, we always stop to say goodbye and turn off the power to our camp so it does not run up the electric bill. We stop at the store for one last ice cream cone. Then we are on our way home. When we get home, we drop off Aaron at his house and help him get everything out of the truck and off the trailer and into his house. Next, Rich and I go home and unload the four-wheelers off of the trailer so we can put the trailer away. Then we unpack our bags and get settled in at home.
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