Field of Color
Julia, Age 12, Dunlap, IL

There once was a painter, named Color, who was out of inspiration. He searched and searched, but nothing came. After months of thinking, he finally got an idea. He remembered, from his childhood, his parents telling of a place called “the field of color.” The field of color was a place that was said to be beautiful, so beautiful that it looked better that paradise. He wanted to be the first painter who painted the field of color.

That afternoon Color decided to head to the center of the town to see if anyone knew about the field. Once in town, he recognized one of his friends. “Leonardo, Leonardo di Vinci!” he called to his fellow artist friend.

“Hello dear friend, what latest artistic piece of yours are you working on?” answered Leonardo. “I would like to know if you know where to find the field of color?” asked Color.

“Color? Have you gone mad?!? The field of color is just a myth for children! But, if you really want to know what I know, I will tell you this. Our crazy friend Vincent Van Gogh tells me he knows. I wish you luck, Color, in hope that if you don’t find it, you will be sane again,” answered Leonardo with a thousand emotions.

“No, I will find the field and prove to you that it exists!!!” Color turned his back on his friend and headed to Vincent’s house.

He rang the doorbell. Ding dong. The door opened and Vincent appeared. “Hello?” he said. “Hello, Vincent, it's Color, your friend. I would like to know if you know where the field of color is,” Color asked worriedly after his encounter with Leonardo.

“Well of course, I know where it is! It’s on the other side of the mountain about a day’s travel. It’s too late to go now. Why don’t you pack up your stuff and stay here for the night; you can leave at the first sign of sunlight.” Vincent answered all his questions before he asked them.

He packed the stuff he needed: a canvas a paint brush and color paint. Soon after he went to sleep.

It felt as though barely a second had passed when he woke up, ready for his long trip. He wrote his friend a note, not wanting to wake him up, and left on his journey. The first decision was either to go around or over that mountain. He decided the mountain was wider than it was high, so he would climb. Plus, it wasn’t a very steep slope.

The journey was long and hard; it was either hot or cold. But just when he was about to give up, he reached the top and saw the magnificent field of color extended in front of his eyes.

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