Fish Magic: Albert
Peyton, Age 7, Hampstead, MD

Chapter 1: Fostering Albert

"Wake up, sleepy head" said Josie from the top bunk bed.

"Is it time to get up already?" said Josie's brother Timmy from the bottom bunk.

"It is a school day, Timmy," cried Josie who had just woken up. Josie climbed down from her bunk and Timmy got down from the bottom bunk. They got dressed and went downstairs to have breakfast.

"Hurry up, you two," said their mother Heather.

"Hi Dad," said Timmy and Josie. Their dad's name was Rick. He worked in the fire department. When Josie and Timmy finished their breakfast, they walked to school.

Josie was in second grade and Timmy was in third grade. "I really want to foster a fish," said Josie.

"Me too" said Timmy.

When it was lunchtime, Josie sat next to her friend Sally. Timmy sat next to his friend Jason. Timmy and Jason sat at the back table and Josie and Sally sat at the front table. It was recess and Josie went straight to the swings. Timmy went straight to the monkey bars. Sally went to the swings with Josie. Jason went to the monkey bars with Timmy.

When Josie and Timmy got home, they saw their parents holding a fish.
"A fish!" yelled Josie.

"Can we keep it?" said Timmy.
"What is his name?" said Josie.

"His name is Albert" said Dad, "and we might keep him".
"I love, love, love him!" cried Josie.

"Where did you get him?" asked Timmy.

"We got him from the stream in the park.”

"He is so cute," said Josie. Timmy loved Albert too. Albert was mostly gray with a heart on his head. He also had stripes on his sides. His fin tips were orange. He lived in a bowl with stones and he ate bread crumbs. Albert was the cutest thing ever. His stripes were brown, his belly was white and he had big black eyes that were really, really cute. Albert was adorable.

It was the middle of the week and it was Josie's turn to feed Albert. When Josie put her finger in the bowl, Albert took the food and kissed Josie's finger. "You are so much fun Albert" said Josie. "It's like you are playing with me, little guy," said Josie. "Timmy, Mom, Dad, guess what? Albert kissed me when I put his food in the bowl," said Josie.

"Wow," said Timmy, Mom and Dad together.

"Amazing, right?" said Josie. "I'm going to write a story about Albert in reading today," said Josie. "We always write stories in reading; it is fun to write stories. I think so"

When it was reading time, Josie's teacher, Ms. Callie, asked the class what their stories were going to be about. Josie's hand went straight up. "Josie, what is your story going to be about?" asked Ms. Callie.

"My story is going to be about a foster fish called Albert," said Josie.

"Very nice, Josie," said Ms. Callie. Ms. Callie called on Josie's friend Sally next. Sally's story was going to be about her favorite animal, the zebra. "Very nice, Sally," said Ms. Callie.

Chapter 2: Playing with Albert

It was the first day of spring. Josie and Timmy were feeding the Langs’ bunny, Popcorn. They called her that because she was white like popcorn. After Josie and Timmy were done they planted flower seeds. Josie planted daisy seeds and Timmy planted sunflower seeds. Josie and Timmy's flower seeds were coming out of the ground.

It was Sunday and it was Albert's bowl cleaning day, and Josie got to help. First Josie put water in a container to put Albert in. Then Josie put Albert into the container. Next they moved the stones out of the bowl and then dumped the water out and rinsed the bowl with soap. When Albert was waiting in the container, he started to jump. Albert jumped so high, he jumped over the container and landed on the counter. "Eek!!" screamed Josie and fell off the stool.

"Are you ok?" asked Josie's mom.
"I am fine, but Albert is not in the water like he's supposed to be," cried Josie.

"What happened?" asked Timmy.

"Albert jumped over the container and scared me, so I fell down and now he is on the counter," said Josie. Josie put Albert back into the container and got onto the stool again. Albert was glad to be back in the water.

“Come on, Timmy, let's play outside" said Jason.

"Let's go" said Timmy.

Later that day, Josie was making a hoop for Albert. When Josie was done making the hoop, she gave the hoop a try. The first time did not work, but Josie tried again. But the second time did not work either. But Josie was going to give one last try and the third time it did work! "Yeah, Albert jumped through the hoop," cried Josie.

Chapter 3: They Might Keep Him

It was Monday and Josie just woke up. "Timmy" yelled Josie.

"What is it?" asked Timmy.

"It is time to get up," said Josie. Josie got down from her bunk and went to feed Albert. Timmy went outside to feed the Lang's bunny, Popcorn. Josie packed her lunch and grabbed her backpack. Timmy packed his lunch and grabbed his backpack. After they grabbed their stuff, they got kisses from Albert.

At reading, Ms. Callie asked the class what their stories were going to be about. Josie's hand went straight up. "Josie" said Ms. Callie. "What is your story going to be about?"

"My story is going to be about our foster fish, Albert," said Josie.

"Very nice" said Ms. Callie.

Chapter 4: Finding A Home for Albert

It was Tuesday and Tuesday was look at a fish day, and it was okay to bring your fish to school. Josie fed Albert and got kisses from Albert and carried his bowl to school. When Josie got to school, her teacher Ms. Callie said everyone should look at all the fish. Ms. Callie really loved Albert because he was cute and different from all the other fish that were at school. There were twenty-one kids in the class and ten brought in fish. Ms. Callie asked the class to write about their fish and if you did not have a fish, write about the fish of your dreams. Sally, one of Josie's friends, had a fish named Star Wars. Star Wars was a Beta Fish. Josie's other friend, Page, brought a fish named Tucker. Tucker was a goldfish.

Chapter 5: Albert's Forever Home

It was Sunday and the Langs were going to make a decision if they were going to keep Albert or if they were going to give Albert away. The family sat down and Mrs. Lang asked the family if they wanted to keep Albert or if they wanted to give Albert away. The whole family wanted to keep Albert. Josie crossed her fingers that the Langs would keep Albert. Mr. and Mrs. Lang talked about it. When the Langs were done talking, they said "We are keeping Albert!"

"Yeaaaaaa!" screamed Josie. Josie ran to ALbert's bowl and gave it a big hug and Albert found the perfect home!  

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