Garden Secrets
Esther, Age 12, Dunlap, IL
                      Growing and blooming morning glories climb and twist
Around the old white trellis, its elegant shadow reaching across the ground
Roses of dark red, pale pink thrive in warm sunshine
Daisies and dahlias dip in the breeze
Elderflowers with miniature white blossoms cluster together like clouds
New forget-me-not blossoms boast vibrant colors of blue and purple

Sweet peas and bright bundles of hydrangeas sway in the mild wind
Evening trumpet flowers sing their melodies in summer air
Creamy white callas with their faces turned up towards the sky
Royal blue orchids determined to stand out among pale pastels
Easter lilies and white asters shimmer in shades of ivory and pearl
Tranquil hues of purple and grey displayed in heather and lavender
Silent beauty locked away from the world
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ISSN 1703-3020

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