Leaving Home
Lara, Age 12, Holmdel, NJ
                      The tears trickled down her cheek,
As I slowly drove away her look was meek.
The memories flooded me with all the cheerful times,
The fun, the games, the puzzles, the rhymes.
When I looked ahead at all I could be,
Her tender loving touch was what killed me.

I was moving ahead,
wishing I could stop instead.
Yet time is something that never pauses,
If only it were like her healing gauzes.
Even though her love never breaks,
It is as if I can see her heart as it aches.

The car was now far down the way,
I realized my childhood had slipped away.
Even though I wish I could stay,
I know I will come back another day.

Meaning: A kid going away to college and they are thinking of their mother.
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