Moments Away
Spencer, Age 15, Ashburn, VA
                      Up the stairs I go
through the dark hallways
just to find a blood red curtain.

I hold the main event
in the filled place
with hundreds of people.

The feeling of jitters
is experienced by my fingers,
for I am about to start.

I have this worry
that in the middle
I will freeze and stop.

Sound check.
Tune check.
Pick check.

Faintly I hear the voice of a person
the one who fell on the sword
before me.

Music wraps up.
He leaves.
The stage becomes a funeral.

I walk.
Every step rings with the sound of my shoes.
Tap. Tap. Tap.

So loudly that I wish I could stop walking.
Yet I know
that I canít stop.

Seconds feel
like months
and days.

I turn and see light.
So bright that
it blinds my eyes.

In front of the people
I freeze.
I canít blink.

But it was not death I saw.
It was you.
You that motivated me to not worry.

And it was you that moved my finger.
And it was you that struck the first note.
Then the song just took me.

And I never stopped.
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