The Amazing Apple Tree
Maddie, Age 11, Moberly, MO

Chapter 1
The adventures of Freddie and Anne started one day when they decided what to play.

“Well,” sighed Anne, “what do you want to play Freddie?”

“I want to climb the apple tree,” replied Freddie.

“Mom said NOT to get hurt, Freddie,” yelled Anne.

“I won’t get hurt, Anne,” exclaimed Freddie. “I promise.”

“Oh all right, but I am not climbing it,” said Anne.

So Anne helped Freddie climb the apple tree. Then something bad happened.

“Anne, I’m stuck!” cried Freddie.

“Should I get Mom, Freddie?” asked Anne.

“No!” yelled Freddie.

Right then their mom called them in.

Freddie said “Anne, tell Mom I am at a friend’s house. I’ll find a way to get down. Don’t worry.”

So Anne went inside and told her mom what Freddie said to tell her. Their mom found this odd because Freddie never went over to a friend’s house without telling her.

When their Dad got home, he asked Anne, “Why is Freddie in the apple tree?”

“Oh!” cried Anne. “The truth is Freddie was climbing the apple tree and he got stuck.”

“Why didn’t you tell us the truth, Anne?” asked Mom.

“Freddie told me to tell you the story I told you,” said Anne.

“I’m going to get changed and get Freddie out of the apple tree,” said Dad.

So once Dad was changed they went outside to get Freddie out of the apple tree. When they got outside, Freddie was not in the apple tree. They looked around the yard and when they did not find him they went back inside to make some phone calls to Freddie’s friends. They called all of Freddie’s friends, but they all said that he was not there. All of the sudden, Freddie came walking through the back door.

“Hey guys, I had fun at my friend’s house!” exclaimed Freddie.

“I’m sure you did,” said Dad.

“Anne told us all about it,” replied Mom.

“Am I in trouble?” asked Freddie.

“You and Anne are both in trouble because you both lied to us,” replied Mom.

“Sorry, Mom and Dad,” whispered Anne.

“Sorry, Mom and Dad,” whispered Freddie.

“Thank you. Tomorrow you are going to call your friends’ parents and explain, Freddie.” said Mom.

“You got them worried, too,” said Dad.

“Kids, if anyone ever tells you to do something you think is wrong don’t do it,” said Mom.

“All right,” said Anne.

“All right,” said Freddie.

The next day, Freddie called his friends’ parents and explained. They forgave him and said they were glad he was not hurt. Freddie and Anne had both learned their lesson.

Chapter 2
The next week Freddie and Anne could not wait to get out of school.

“Come on, kids, let’s go home,” yelled Mom.

Freddie and Anne were excited to get out of school for the day, because Mom had promised them a special snack. When they got home Anne asked, “Mom, what is the surprise snack?”

Mom answered, “The snack is apples. Our apple tree fell down today and I picked the apples off of the apple tree. Lucky for you they were ripe.”

“That will be good,” cried Freddie. “I am starved.”

After their snack, Anne asked, “Hey Mom, could Freddie and I go outside and play on the fallen down apple tree.”

“Pleeeaaassse Mom,” whined Freddie.

“Oh all right. Anne, make sure you put on your old tennis shoes. Freddie, please do not get hurt. I don’t have time to take you to the hospital,” laughed Mom.

“I won’t get hurt, Mom,” replied Freddie.

“Love you,” said Anne.

“Love you,” said Mom.

“This tree is cool, Freddie. Good idea too,” said Anne.

“Thanks, but can we play now,” said Freddie.

“Sorry,” whispered Anne.

“Hey, do you want to pretend this is a magic castle and I am a wizard and you are a princess?” asked Freddie.

“Nah, I was thinking more of the tree being my house and you come to visit me,” replied Anne.

“Hey Freddie, how about we split the tree in half with a pretend line so we can both have our way.” cried Anne.

“Oh, all right,” said Freddie. “I still like my idea better, though.”

“Kids, it’s time to work on your homework,” yelled Mom.

Freddie and Anne went inside and worked on homework the rest of the day until their dad came home.

When their father came home, Freddie said, “Dad, Anne and I played on the fallen apple tree today.”

Their father replied, “I am glad you are playing on it while you can because the day after tomorrow the tree is being removed.”

Freddie and Anne were very sad when they heard this news. The next day when they came home from school they did their homework as fast as they could so they could play for a long, long time.

When they finished their homework, their mother said, “Put on your old tennis shoes and don’t get hurt while playing on the tree.”

When they got outside, Freddie and Anne stood looking around thinking the same things. They were thinking how fun this tree had been, and they would be very sad to see it go. They thought these same thoughts for so long that they wasted all their playing time. The next day, when they came home from school, they did their homework and watched as the tree was removed.

After the people who had removed the tree had gone, Freddie said, “Anne, there is still the stump we can jump off of.”

Anne replied, “Freddie that’s a great idea.” So the rest of the night Freddie and Anne jumped off of the stump from the fallen apple tree, and while they did that they thought about what a fun time they had had with the apple tree.

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