Boarding School Bullies
Merry, Age 10, Jakarta, West Java, Indonesia

It was a windy day in my school, Australia International Boarding School. I was a shy girl when I first got here. It was my second year studying in this school. I was happy to have a friend here, Olivia - a really smart student. But I still missed my friends from my previous school, Singapore International School, in Indonesia- the best school ever. I had had a fun year there.

Once, when I was in my classroom, Olivia told me that there was a new student from America.

“Her name’s Bridget and she’s on the way here with our teacher,” she said.

It's a really nice thing to make new friends. So we were really excited to meet Bridget, especially as she was from America, our favourite place to be.

When Ms. Judy reached the classroom with Bridget, she told me to sit beside her for a week. But, as things turned out, things did not turn out as we had expected. For a start, I was surprised at how mean Bridget was. She knocked my chair over twice on purpose, and would say bad things about me.

One day, when class was over, I told Olivia everything. Afterwards, she told me to ask Ms. Judy to change my seating arrangement.

The next morning, I ran as fast as my feet could carry me to the teacher’s room to meet Ms. Judy. When I told Ms. Judy my request, she told me to sit with Olivia. Bridget, she said, would sit with Tommy. I guess she thought that since Tommy was the class prefect, he could manage Bridget better. When I reached my classroom, I immediately sat beside Olivia and asked Tommy to sit beside Bridget.

At lunch, Olivia told me that Bridget’s dad owned a big company, and was a wealthy man. She also said that Bridget lived in a mansion, and had made several friends. They had formed a club called ‘Girls Next Door.’

I quietly said, “Ok, that’s great, but it's not nice to bully others!”

Olivia said with her mouth full, “I know what a bunch of snakes they are! When Bridget and her gang passed our table, they kicked our table and said a few bad things to us and teased us.”

We decided we had the same ideas and to tell Ms. Judy.

So, when Ms Judy appeared, we quickly told her everything. After Ms Judy said that she would tell the principal, Bridget and her gang got a right scolding that day!

Bridget said angrily, "I want to move to another boarding school!"

Just then, my mom called me on my cell phone.

“Is everything alright?” she asked anxiously.

I replied, “Yes, I told Ms. Judy already. And Bridget said that she wanted to move to another boarding school!”

Mom said, “Ok, but who told you to tell Ms. Judy?”

I quickly answered, “It was Olivia, my only true friend."

The next morning in class, I shouted, “Hurray! No more class bullies!”
Olivia joined me, “Hurray!”

It was then I told Olivia that this was the very best school that I had ever been to.

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