Ella's Dream
Kate, Age 10, Calgary, AB

“Ella, it’s bed time” yelled Ella’s mom.

“Coming, Mom” yelled Ella back.

“Good night, sweetie” whispered Ella’s mom

“Good night, Mom” yawned Ella. She gazed out the window staring at the pale silvery moon, and then she drifted off to sleep. Suddenly she was standing on pink bouncy grass with an orange sky and purple clouds dangling close to the ground and then two monsters popped out of nowhere

“AAAHHHH!” screamed Ella.

“AAAHHH!” screamed a tall shiny blue monster. Then a small green slimy monster made a ball of slime out of thin air and threw it at the blue monster “Splat, why did you do that?” asked the blue monster.

“Because you might scare it,” he answered

 “It?...It? For the record, my name is not It. I am a human being and my name is Ella,” Ella said sharply.

“We are sorry, ” murmured the green monster.

“Well, anyways, what are your names?” asked Ella still sounding annoyed.

The blue monster answered first. “I’m Gooble and he’s Splat,” Gooble answered. Splat looked annoyed and he threw another ball of slime at Gooble.

“So, anyways, where am I?” asked Ella.

“You're in Dreamland and this is Monsterville”’ answered Splat.

“Oh well, that means that I can just wake up. Bye, guys!” Ella said happily. She pinched herself and she woke up in her own bed.

“That was a weird dream," she thought and then she went to sleep again.

Suddenly she was back in Monsterville, “I thought you wanted to leave,” asked a familiar voice.

“Not again,” whispered Ella. Then she remembered she could just wake up then she pinched herself, but she didn’t wake up in her bed. She was stuck in Monsterville!

“Ohhhh no,” moaned Ella. “Now I’m stuck in this crazy pink grass world!” Ella yelled.

“We will help you go home,” Gooble blurted out.

Splat whispered in his ear, “How do we help her leave? There’s no way. She’s stuck here forever!”

“We have to try!” screamed Gooble.

“Try what?” asked Ella.

“Nothing,” replied Splat nervously.

“You said something that you don’t want me to know,” Ella said in a loud voice.

“Fine, we will tell you what we said,” Zany blurted while giving Gooble a harsh look, “but he has to tell you.” Zany looked pleased with himself.

“Fine, there’s no way out of here,” Gooble blurted out.

“What? What! I’m stuck here forever,” Ella said quietly. “I’m never going to see my family or friends ever again,” Ella said, almost crying.

For the rest of the day she sat at the base of a tree and cried. After an hour or so, Gooble came and said, “There is one way out, but it’s hard.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to see my family again.”

“Okay, I talked Zany into it. We can eat and then leave right after.”

“Okay, let’s go,” said Ella.

Mile after mile they walked on the road. Then Gooble said, “We should go to bed now.”

“Okay,” yawned Ella. “Tomorrow is going to be a rough day—no roads and the end of the monster world.

The next morning they started walking again, this time in a forest. Suddenly they heard a loud roar. It was a huge monster. He had large feet with claws like razor blades and teeth like a sabre-toothed tiger. He lumbered toward them. Zany and Gooble ran for their lives, but Ella stood as still as a statue. The big monster reached down and grabbed her and tied her to a tree.

In the distance, Gooble and Zany heard Ella scream. “We have to rescue her,” said Zany desperately. They ran back at the speed of lightning. When they got there, they made a plan. “Zany, you throw balls of slime at him and I will untie her,” said Gooble.

“Okay,” Zany replied.

They rescued Ella and ran until they came to a small rickety bridge. Step by step they made their way across and found a place to sleep for the night.

The next morning Ella was so tired.  Nevertheless, they walked four miles. Then she collapsed in front of the porthole to the human world. She slept for what seemed like forever, and Gooble and Zany slowly walked away back to Monsterville and left Ella on the cushiony grass. Then she woke up in her own bed.  She was so happy to see her brother and her mom and dad. Her dog McDuff was on her bed sleeping contently.
She looked at her clock. It read 9:00 am. She got up and got dressed, she went to the kitchen to find her mom making breakfast, and she sat down and ate her cereal and started to explain to her mom and dad what a weird dream she had. When she was done, her mom and dad had a surprise for her, and they said they were going to go to the amusement park.

Ella went into her room to get her purse. She found a locket on her bed with a picture of Gooble and Zany inside. She put it on and felt a rush of magic run over her and she felt so special because those guys were the best friends ever in the word or even in the universe. She ran to the car to have fun-filled day with her family.

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