Mikel, Age 13, Minneapolis, MN

The other team, the New York Knicks, called a time out. Their best shooter, Carmelo, took his time to take the shot. He crossed our point guard. He shot. I came up, shot rejected, the crowd went wild. Eleven seconds left in the game. 10987654321

I shot, then I closed my eyes. All I could hear was the crowd going crazy. The Miami Heat won the first round.

We were on the road to our next game against the Boston Celtics. We were rolling in the middle of nowhere and the bus ran out of gas.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Mario Chalmers. This is my journey to the NBA playoffs. We all got off the bus, and we asked what the problem was. The driver said the bus ran out of gas. Everybody pulled out their phones. There were no signals. We started looking for signs. The next gas station was 113 miles away and the next game was in 4 days. It was impossible for us to walk that many miles and get back in time to play the Celtics. We started walking.

We had been walking for two hours, and we were dying of thirst. We looked down the road. There was a moving object. We looked again. It was a truck. We waved for help, and the car stopped. It was a short woman. She asked us (in my cowboy voice), 揧a抣l want a ride? Where ya抣l heading?

揥e are going to the nearest gas station around.

"No problem. You guys hungry?" the lady asked. The team shouted 揧ES!

She bought us some sandwiches and paid for our gas. We thanked the lady and gave her side court seats to our game. Now we were back on the road to our next game vs. the Boston Celtics.

In the second round, Coach told us we had to focus on the player in the country, Rajon Rando. Today was game day. I sat down and talked to the team as the team抯 caption: 揥in or lose, we will still be a family at the end of this game. We will always motivate each other."

In the first quarter, we were already down by twelve. The score 32-20. We called a timeout. Coach told us keep our heads up, that we were still in this game. Now we were going to run isolation on Mario. By the end of the second quarter, we were down by five. The score was 60-55. The second half started, and I carried the ball up the court. I saw our center open, so I threw a alley-op. He dunked it! The score was 60-57.

Coach called a timeout. 揥e are going to run motion, Coach said. 揥ildcats on three. 123 Heat!

It was the fourth quarter, the score was 80-78, and we were down two points. This quarter Coach put me at SG, our PG taking the ball up the court. I hoped he was ready because Rajon was a pretty good defender. He passed it to me. I spread my feet, got my feet set. I shot the three pointer. 揝wish. The score was now 80-81. Now we were up by a point. Boston called a timeout. There were thirty seconds left in the game. Their PG Rajon was taking the ball up the court; he pulled a three 搘et.

We walked back to get on defense, and the ref called a foul. Everybody in the crowd was shouting. He went to the free-throw line; he was taking his time to shoot. The sweat from his face made it seem like it was 221 degrees. He shot 搘et, and the score was 84-81 with ten seconds left in the game.

Coach called a timeout; he said he wanted me to pull the three wildcats on 3 123 Heat!

I got the ball, running like a scared man in a bull ring. 54321

I shot, and I closed my eyes. I missed the game winning shot. The ending score of the game 84-81梬e cried. I talked to the team; we came all the way here with a tough season. We fought with wins and losses, and we ended the season 79-3.

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