The Best Gift Ever
Christian, Age 10, Sahuarita, AZ

In Sahuarita, Arizona, Southwest United States, there was a boy who wanted a brother. The boy started to think he wasn't going to get a brother. He asked his parents if they could adopt a brother, but his parents said "no." The boy never gave up. A few days later after asking his mom, a miracle happened!

A few days after Thanksgiving, something surprising was at the boy's front steps: His friend from ever since he was a little boy. The friend's name is Jason. Jason is sixteen years old, and he needed a loving and caring home. The boy's family could provide a loving, caring home.

Could this be the brother he was wishing for his whole life? Yes it was! The boy thought to himself, "Best day ever!" The boy was as happy as can be. Jason was definitely his best gift ever.

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