The Llama Attack
Anika, Age 15, Ashburn, VA

I went to my first petting zoo a couple years ago. Everyone in my family was home, and we had absolutely nothing to do, so I suggested we go to the petting zoo. My parents thought it was a great idea, so we were off.

When we arrived, I grabbed the biggest cup of food pellets and started walking around. I saw so many animals that I had heard of but had never seen before, like white deer, buffalo, and camels for instance. I was having tons of fun feeding each animal some food pellets. I finally went to the wide open field to feed the goats, sheep, and llamas.

I walked over to the llama and fed it some pellets, and it was alright at first. No one suspected that anything would go wrong. Soon, it was time to leave, so I began walking back. I didnít realize my new friend, a baby llama, was following me. The baby llama began attacking me for food! It tried to grab a hold of the cup of food pellets I was holding. I tried turning around and walking the other way, but it followed me again! Then, it called its mama over for reinforcement against his torturous mission for food. By torturous, I mean it was torture for me. I was being spun in circles to the point where I wasnít just dizzy and nauseous, but my face turned redder than a tomato. My dad had to come grab the llamas by their collars and hold them off until I got inside the fenced in area. We all decided to leave the petting zoo after that traumatic experience.
Of course, days after, we all looked back, laughing at the thought me being attacked by not one, but two llamas. Now I know to never mess with a hungry llama.

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