Owl and North
Theodora, Age 10, Zimbabwe

Scruff was a hunter who roamed the woods searching for harmless owls. But…in a small oak tree there lived an owl; his name was Jacob. Jacob had feathers that were almost as soft as silk itself. Both animals lived in a dark forest on the coast of Whitehorse, Canada. This is how the two animals met.

Scruff didn't like strangers in his woods, especially owls. One day Scruff got so mad at all the owls for coming into his wood. He thought aloud to himself about this.
Finally he proclaimed, "If those owls come anywhere near my woods, I will cook them up and eat them for dinner." But wolves can be stubborn and extremely hard-headed. Owls can be very smart and extremely clever.

A few weeks later, Jacob thought about his dear cousin, aunt, and uncle that mean old wolf had devoured. Suddenly he felt a certain urge to take revenge. He thought to himself, very loudly, "Wood, vines, and a little bird meat." So he flew away to gather those materials. This is what he made; towering above him, was…a cage tangled up in a tree made from thin logs tied together with vines, and some bird meat for bait.
Now, the wolf was mighty hungry, for not a single owl had dropped by. But he had smelled it. The bird meat! It would taste so very, very good to him! Just like that, his nose went to work. He walked over hills and valleys just following his nose. Finally, he reached that meat! It looked so good he didn't hesitate, he grabbed the meat just as the cage came down!

"Noooooo!" Scruff screamed.

He knew it was Jacob. His blood boiled like the sun on a hot day!

"I will get you for this bird!" But Jacob was too far away to hear him.

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