Sarah's Stars

Sarah Withrow. Bat Summer
Groundwood, ISBN 0-88899-352-8  $8.95  174 pg.

"What's it like to be a bat?" Terence asks once he gets to know Lucy. He has never really communicated with her before because he has always hung out with Rico and Tom, the "cool guys" of the neighbourhood - guys who smoked and did other less desirable things. After Terence meets Lucy, though, things start to change.

The story takes place in a small town near Wells Hill Park, in the present day. Most of the nearby housing consists of apartments and small stores. When Terence meets Lucy in the park that summer day, he finally gets to know her a little by spending some time with her flying a kite. Terence's strange connection with Lucy leads to many adventures, in many unusual situations.

Sarah Withrow, the author, has a very different style, and there are no authors with whom I can compare her. Her writing is not very capturing at the beginning, but once you get into it, moves at an even good pace. At some points her literature really made me stop and think about things that have happened to me, things to which I could relate. Young adult readers, ages 12 to 16, would enjoy this book more than younger readers due to the mature content. Bat Summer was the winner of the Groundwood Twentieth Anniversary First Novel for Chlidren contest. However, I would only award this book three stars because her writing and the way she presented it didn't hold my interest throughout.


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