I Caught One
Carly, Age 12, Doylestown, PA

I felt the splash of the salty sea water spray against my face. The land started to disappear as we journeyed farther out into sea. I got a whiff of the reeking smell of fish bait that now stained my nose. Soon enough we slowed down. I heard the engine click off, and the only thing left was the slapping sound of waves hitting the side of our boat, a comforting white noise. Out of my daze, I came back into focus and realized what was going on. My dad and the other man on the boat were getting everyone’s fishing rods baited and ready to go. I eagerly waited for mine, like a spring about to be unleashed, until finally my rod was handed to me. I cast my fishing rod into the water, feeling hopeful that I would soon be reeling up fish. All that excitement was suddenly gone, and I was annoyed at the thought of having to wait even longer. I soon started to become very impatient. I watched the gleaming water, looking for some sort of movement. I thought I would be catching fish from the start, but I realized this was going to take some time. After about ten minutes, I heard my sister yell in excitement, “I caught one, I caught one! I hurriedly ran over to her side of the boat, feeling jealously boil inside of me. When I saw her flopping fish, my determination to catch one of my own grew. I went back over to my side of the boat; not only did I want to catch a fish, but now it was my onus.

As the day went on, everyone kept getting more and more fish—except for me. I felt helpless. Very soon I began to get frustrated. I was about to desist in my attempts when I felt a limp pull on my line. In shock, I called for my dad, yelling for him to come faster; I didn’t want to lose the fish now. I began to reel quickly, not giving the fish a chance to get away. I was feeling nervous. Finally, it broke the surface, and I saw it, a wave of relief, excitement, and happiness washed over me at that moment. I saw its scaly skin shining with the waves of the sun reflecting off it like a mirror. To many it was just a fish, but right now to me it was a sign of achievement. Not only had I caught a fish, but I felt success. That day I learned that with patience comes success. And if you keep at what you’re doing, all of that waiting will finally count for something.

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