The Curse
Julie, Age 10, Calgary, AB

“Hoo hoo,” sang an owl.

”Luca, why do we have to do this? It's kind of creepy,” Anomy whispered.

“Yeah, it is creepy,” Carmen replied sarcastically.

“Luca, just tell us why we have to do this. And another question: Why have I’ve never seen you scared, Carmen?” Mike asked.

“I’m not. It's called sarcastic, dummy,” Carmen said sternly. “And why are we still digging? We’ve been doing this for hours on end.” There was a long silence that fell over the little group of four.

"We're trying to dig a hole for my next movie, Creature of the Night,” sighed Luca. All of a sudden, they heard a clunk when Carmen started digging. “Oh, treasure,” she said.

The four gazed at the small golden box they had just discovered under a layer of earth. “I wonder what’s inside?“ whispered Carmen.

“Then what are you waiting for, slowpoke? Open it!“ Anomy yelled, even though she was the kindest person anyone will ever meet.

Luca slowly lifted the top of the golden box off. Inside lay four necklaces with the birthstones of the four kids - aquamarine for Carmen, moonstone for Anomy, emerald for Luca, and diamond for Mike. To all their surprise, the four necklaces fit perfectly around their necks, like they were made especially for them.

“Good thing Asami isn’t here,” Carmen whispered to them.

“Yeah, there’s only four here. We wouldn’t want to make her feel bad,“ Anenomy replied, but little did they know what would happen the next night on All Hallow’s Eve.

* * *

Beeeep. “Now class, I know you are all looking forward to Hallow’s Eve tonight, but I have an important announcement to make,” their teacher Ms. Brown announced. “We are going on a class fieldtrip to the haunted mansion and then we're going to take a test!” A couple of groans and moans went around the class. “Don’t worry, this test isn’t going to be like one of the boring tests we always do. This is going to be a test where you write about all the paranormal activity we encounter, and guess what: the school's going to have a Halloween party there!”

Some “yays” and “woo-hos” went around the class room, then the whole class followed their teacher outside.

“I wonder if anybody else will be there too,” Asami said, even though all of them were thinking it. When the class got off the bus, they all stared at the seven story house.

“Legend has it that two witches and two warlocks made it with magic and that they can be awakened from their deep slumber on Halloween night with a magic spell that goes like this: 'Snow and thunder, lightning and rain, come to me, be my durian, awaken from the perfect slumber, my snow, my thunder, my lightning, my rain, be free.’ But the items of creation have to be found, and it has to be midnight for the possessing to begin. Whoever has the items will be possessed,“ Carmen said spookily.

“Carmen, stop, you're scaring me,” Anenomy shivered at the sound of this story. As the class walked on, everyone was talking about that night at the party. Suddenly, exactly when somebody walked in, they immediately stopped talking even if they were in the middle of a sentence as though their voices were shut off with the press of a button.

As they were going through the mansion, their teacher pointed out ancient artifacts and no one asked questions about anything. By the time they got back to school, the day had just ended and everyone was going home to get ready for the party.

* * *

“Asami, come over here,” shouted Anenomy. “I want to paint a picture of you with the art set I found in my locker.”

“Thanks, but are you allowed to paint pictures?” asked Asami.

“Yeah, I asked the principal if I could paint pictures of some kids at the party for them to keep, and he said ‘yes’,” Anenomy replied in her best impersonation of the voice of their principal.

“Ha,” Asami laughed, “well I don’t care, I am not going to let you spend the night on your bum painting pictures. I order you to have fun.” Asami grabbed Anenomy and pulled her up. “Come on, I have to show you guys something,” Asami exclaimed while grabbing Carmen, Luca, Mike, and Anenomy. Asami dragged the four teens into a room filled with swords, bows and arrows, targets, axes, and daggers.

“Whoa, we never saw this room when we had the field trip,” Luca said, amazed by the magnificence of the weapons in the room.

”I want to take these to the hall and try them out,” Carmen explained.

“Sure,” Asami answered. By the time they got everything out and set up, there were five targets. Asami chose a bow and arrow, Carmen chose a throwing knife, Anenomy chose a sword, Mike chose an axe, and Luca chose a dagger. Once Asami chose her weapon, the clock struck twelve, and Carmen, Anenomy, Mike, and Luca started surrounding Asami. Asami asked if they were OK, but they didn’t reply. Then all of a sudden the necklaces they found started rising. When Asami realized that the legend Carmen told her was true, the four already had clung on to her arms. She struggled and eventually escaped from their grasp and grabbed the necklaces and hung each of them by their chains with an arrow. Then she grabbed a bow and four arrows, one for each of them, then one by one shot them with an arrow. They shattered. All but one necklace remained—Luca was the only one still in the trance. Asami shot another arrow, but Luca’s necklace still didn’t shatter, so she grabbed a throwing knife and threw it, but still nothing happened, so she grabbed an axe and threw it, but nothing happened, not even a speck came off the necklace, so she grabbed a sword and stabbed it in the necklace, but still nothing happened. Unable to reach the dagger floating above the suit of armor in the hallway, she handed Anenomy the sword, Mike the axe, and Carmen the throwing knife, and kept the bow for herself. Asami counted to three, then they all hit the necklace and it exploded and Luca fell to the ground and fainted. But immediately everyone but Asami forgot what just happened in that very hallway. Before Anenomy, Carmen, Luca, and Mike awoke, she put everything away.

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