The First Tee-Hawaiian Style
Tyler, Age 13, Doylestown, PA

 I hopped into the forest green golf cart, with an elegant maroon plastered on its side, as it roared to life like an eager lion ready to jump its prey. The hum of the course computer screen in the cart and the clacking of golf clubs behind us were a sound so sweet it was like coming home to an old friend. My dad and I stepped out onto the perfectly cut grass, a green blanket gently spread over the land and on the course, on the Bay Course in Maui, Hawaii. The wind flew through the tree line like a whirlwind tornado right into our faces on a beautiful sunny day, a day I’ll always remember.

I stepped up and placed my tee as it sank into the cool grass, and I placed my golf ball on top like a cherry on ice-cream. I set up in the stance my dad taught me, and whacked the ball with perfect form. The ball sailed high into the air, but the unforgiving wind snagged the ball out of the air like a hawk, and it flew backwards landing only a few yards in front of me. I couldn’t understand what just happened, so I turned to my dad with a dumbfounded smile on my face and he laughed about how my shot came back to me. My dad learned from my shot, and he hit his shot low and powerful, cutting through the bottom of the wind disappearing over the hill ahead. As I stepped back into the cart and drove down the path and up the hill, we froze in awe at one of the most beautiful sights I’d ever seen in my life.

My dad had told me about how pro golfers play here on the PGA Tour, but I never expected what I saw. A cloudless sky the color of a soft baby blue, rich green trees, plants, and the fine cut course, and at the end was a rocky cliff, tall, enigmatic, and looming over the ocean like an ancient ruin. The cliff dropped downward to a beautiful sea-foam green and blue ocean. The waves lapped against the sand and cragged rocks resting far below like a dog eager to play with its master.

I turned to my dad and we drove down to where our golf balls were. After a few chip shots, three by me, I wished I was closer since my ball flew back to me and my dad hit two shots, so we finally were on the green. My dad’s ball was closer to the hole, so he crisply tapped the ball into the cup to get his ball out of my way. I lined up in my putting stance and gave the ball a firm hit with my club. It curved down towards the cup and it just missed at the very end, turning right at the hole. Although I was very morose, a golfer has to always keep his cool no matter what happens. It was an enigma how the ball hadn’t gone in, but I triumphantly putted the ball into the hole.

I looked up at my dad on the next tee, and walked up and gave him the biggest hug I could with a joker-like smile on my face.

“This is the best vacation ever!” I said. At that moment I felt the bond between my dad and me tighten to a point where it could never be undone. I set up in my stance, placed the tee into the cool grass, and placed the ball on top. I whacked the ball with all my might and it sailed high into the air…my dad and I smiled.

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