The Fox and the Turtle
Albert, Age 13, Peoria, IL

The Turtle was dozing off in a nice meadow when he was found by the Fox.

Startled awake, the Turtle listened to the Fox’s idea. The Fox said, “I want to congratulate you for beating the Rabbit. It must’ve been a marvellous feat to beat him!”
The Turtle listened suspiciously. “I want to honor your race! Come and enjoy a feast in your honor!” said the Fox. The Turtle agreed slowly.

The Fox made a trap. He dug a hole and covered it with leaves to mask it. While he was doing this, the Bird watched him. The Bird flew to the Turtle, who listened carefully.

The Turtle nodded his head and thought of a plan. The Turtle gathered up his friends and told them his scheme to trick the Fox.

The Turtle told the Aardvark to cover the hole with dirt. Meanwhile, the other Aardvark made a pit of his own.

The next day, the Fox greeted the Turtle in contempt. He smiled a phoney grin and told the Turtle to go to his home. The Fox told the Turtle to follow him. The Fox walked down the path on the filled hole and shifted around it. The Turtle eyed him and asked, “Why are you walking like that?” The Fox claimed to have a limp. The Turtle confidently walked across the hole. The Fox gasped. The Turtle nudged him on.

They came across a small ditch. The Turtle told the Fox to watch out for the hole. The Fox smirked and stepped arrogantly. He fell into the pit! The friends came out of their hiding places and laughed.

The Fox no longer played any tricks again.

Moral - Treat others the way you want to be treated.

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