He Is Gone Forever
Carol, Age 12, Perth, WA
                      I just received a letter,
A crumbled letter,
I read it again and again,
To make sure itís true.

No, I wonít think about it,
I wonít believe it.
Heís as alive as can be,
I swear he will walk in tomorrow laughing.

His messy hair will need some cleaning,
His stomach needs filling up,
I miss him so much,
I need him home.

Thatís when I realized,
He isnít coming home,
He was killed at war,
By another living soul.

They were rained with bullets,
And showered with shells,
No one cares if it breaks a motherís heart,
For no one has a heart.

War is always lurking,
A formidable shadow,
In the minds of people,
Breaking them down.

Itís cause is not about justice,
It doesnít discriminate between civilians and soldiers,
It doesnít worry about shattered lives of survivors,
For it is war.

Itís made rivers of blood,
Mountains of bones,
Oceans of tears,
Yet never sought to retire.

My hands are shaking,
Tears began to flow,
My son is gone forever,
Yet my heart doesnít want to know.

Never will I see his face,
Or hear his bubbly sense of humour,
Because the truth is,
He is gone forever.
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