Bad Luck
Colden, Age 9, Calgary, AB

There were three people named John, Jake and Sam. One day they thought of going traveling, so they thought of going to Florida and they booked their flight. Every day they went to work to get more money. (And what was funny was they worked in the same job.)

And so the day came. They were so excited, but when they had to leave they hadn’t packed enough clothes. So they packed because they were going to be there for eleven days. They got to the Calgary airport but the line was so long and they only had one hour. By the time they were almost leaving, an announcement went on saying flight to Florida leaving in five minutes so they ran there, but the flight was taking off.

They were so sad, but then a nice man came up to them and said, “I will let you go on another plane, which is leaving to Florida in a half an hour,” and they replied, “Thank you very much,” and so they got on the plane and flew to Florida. When they got there, they were so happy, and after a few days of going shopping and going to the ocean, they went to a concert. They had lots of fun and on the eleventh day they went shopping and they also went to the beach and remembered their flight and they got home safely and they continued their lives, which consisted of going to work and being friends. And they got a couple of souvenirs and they put those in their offices.

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