The Princess Puppies
Alexis, Age 7, St. Albert, AB

There was once a young pup who lived in a palace with her mum and dad, who were the king and queen. The little pup's name was Indeara; she was the oldest puppy. She was the princess. But she had a problem. She hadn't any friends, even though she did have nineteen brothers and sisters. Their names were Tom, Kate, Ned, Andrea, Andrew, Emma, Noah, Olivia, Thomas, Courtny, Sawyer, Jami, Ben, Quinn, Cole, Steaphani, Isaac, Julia, and Anna. Indeara never played with them. She just sat on her throne with her mum and dad and Ben. Ben was the prince in the kingdom because he was the second oldest. Ben was eleven, and Indeara was twelve years in age. So almost every day she would sit on her throne and ask her mother and father questions. And other days she would go out for some long strolls (for two hours) outside the palace.

One day when she was strolling she met another pup that was a princess too. The other pup's name was Cindy. Cindy also didn't have any friends, so Indeara and Cindy became best friends forever. And then all the other days Indeara went to the other pup's house and they both introduced themselves to all the people at each palace. While the days went by, their parents started getting very old.

And one more day they met the third princess and played. The third pup's name was Cheryl. She was just like the other princess pups. They loved playing tag in each other's gardens and Cheryl loved rolling in the dirt with the others. They played each and every day until their parents called them for lunch and supper. They could sometimes also have sleepovers at each other's houses. And when they played on the playground they stayed until they were almost starving to death. And the princess pups did this every day.

The End

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