The Sword
Will, Age 13, Peoria, IL

Once upon a time there was a great blacksmith better than all in the seven kingdoms. One day a noble man hired the blacksmith to weld a very famous sword back together, but that same day the forge was robbed. The blacksmith had nothing but the sword he had kept very safe. He hid in a cave on the outskirts of the town. He was able through favors to get a hammer and an anvil. He was just able to hammer the two parts of the sword together. Then he noticed a marking on the back of the hammer, but he ignored it and threw the hammer aside. Then he went to make the long journey to the noble’s house. One year passed, and then the blacksmith fell down at the noble’s door and passed out. The maid found him and took him to the noble. As soon as the noble touched the sword he was corrupted. He never let it leave his sight or his hand. He would sit in his chair for days just staring at it. Then one day he disappeared. He was nowhere to be found. The sword was a great story passed through the noble’s family. Until one day the noble’s great-great-great-great-grandson followed the blacksmith’s footsteps, and found in the same cave the blacksmith welded the sword the noble trying to tear it open. That’s when the grandson looked at the hammer, studied the hammer, and noticed the marking was a pentagram! The noble had been trying to free the evil soul inside the sword.

The End….

Or is it?

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