What Happened?
Cristina, Age 10, Calgary, AB

 “Mia look over here, it’s a wood pecker, he is making a hole!” cried Aria.

“Oh ya, I think I have seen that type before,” replied Mia.

Aria and Mia were best friends and were on a walk in the forest near their houses. They were very curious eleven year olds and wanted to look at everything they could. The two girls watched as a gopher poked his head out of his hole. But as the gopher did so a crystal clear aquamarine rock tumbled out of the dirt and caught the girls' attention.

“Hey look at the aquamarine rock that fell out of the dirt, it almost looks magical,’’ gasped Aria with an exited expression on her face.

So Aria picked it up and Mia suggested, “Maybe we could look at the rock when we eat lunch? I’m getting hungry…”

“Ya sure, I am getting hungry too.” So the girls found a nice mossy area in the forest to eat and started to look at the rock.

“It's so cool; I have never seen a rock like it,” exclaimed Mia.

“But no rock is the same right ? Anyway, ya, it’s a pretty cool rock!” responded Aria. “Hey, did you feel that? I think it’s starting to rain,” Aria squealed as she put her jacket hood over her head.

“Come on, let's get out of here before we get soaking wet!” shrieked Mia, and the two girls left running for cover. Little did they know that they were leaving the aquamarine rock out in the open where they had their lunch.

When the girls got home they immediately realized that they had forgot their treasured rock. “Hey, I thought that you got it!”

“But I thought you got it !” Mia and Aria argued.

“Auuuuuuugh!” the girls shouted in frustration.

“Well, I guess that we will have to go back and get it,” Aria said with her voice filled with anger.

* * *

So the girls went back to where they had their picnic, and the rock was nowhere to be seen.

“Oh man, the rock's not here. What are we going to do? It was a one of a kind rock, and we will never find anything like it!” yelled Mia.

“Ya well, maybe we should look harder. It's just a little rock. We are going to have to look hard to find something like that!” commented Aria. So the girls looked for a long time until they were soaking wet.

Eventually they gave up and started their way home. “Too bad, that was a really cool rock,” sulked Mia.

Then, without warning, they saw a bright light shining behind them. They turned around as soon as they saw the light and noticed that the bright light was coming from a little aquamarine stone on the ground.

“Why is it glowing?” questioned Mia.

“It's probably just our eyes playing a trick on us. Just grab the rock and we can talk about it when we get home,” exclaimed Aria. So Mia grabbed the rock, but when she did so she disappeared with a pooofff, just like that, and so did Aria. The girls were asleep, so when they woke up it was confusing because they were not at home or in the forest but in something that looked like a big cloud. Clouds are wet because they fill up with water, so they were wet too. “What happened, where are we, and why are we wet?!” said Mia very surprised.

“How did we get here and where is our aquamarine rock? The last thing I remember is us forgetting our rock and we went to get it and us coming back for it, but when we came back the rock was glowing, but I still don’t get how we got here” questioned Aria.
Although they thought they were alone, they heard this booming voice come from behind them. “Why are you in my cloud? This is my cloud, not yours. Get out!” came the booming voice.

“Who are you and how do we get out? demanded Aria .

“I am the master of this cloud, and how dare you talk to me like that?” hollered the cloud master. And yes the girls had been teleported to a magical cloud and did not know how to get out.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a rain drop( the cloud master) ran out from behind a piece of cloud. In a booming voice he hollered, “I am the cloud master, and I want to know why you are here!”

“We touched an aquamarine rock and pooff we were gone,” replied Mia and Aria.

“What, you touched Great Aunt Petunia’s aquamarine teleporting magical mystical teleporting rock! Hey wait, I already said teleporting. Anyway, you touched her rock. I have been looking for that thing for ages, even though I have not been alive for ages, buuut still you touched it!”

The girls were very confused because they did now know what the cloud master was talking about or how they got there and even how a rain drop could be talking to them.

“Who is Aunt Petunia and are you crazy ? There is no such thing as a teleporting magical mystical rock!” exclaimed Aria very annoyed.

“Aunt Petunia is my auntie. She lost her rock and now you found it so hand it over!” the cloud master demanded.

“No, not before you tell us how to get home!” shouted the two girls.

“Oh fine, come over here. So what you have to do is line up these rocks over in that cloud bin and line them up from darkest to lightest and then wait,” declared the cloud master, so Aria and Mia did what the cloud master told them to do.

“Oh, that looks pretty, the order is olive green, aquamarine, lemon yellow, and last but not least clear. But why is it not glowing?” asked Mia.

“Because you're not being patient!” accused the cloud master, and sure enough the rocks started to glow and the cloud started to shake then. Poooofff—they were gone.
Once again they were asleep in the forest where there journey had first begun. When they woke up they were confused. “What happened? And how was a rain drop talking to us? We must have fallen asleep and just had a strange dream!” Aria thought. “But wait, there is one way we can tell if it was real or not: if you have the green rock, the aquamarine rock, the yellow rock and the clear one, then that proves that we have been there." So Aria looked in her pocket and there they were.

“But what about the cloud master? He wanted the rock back,” asked Mia.

I guess it teleported back with us,” suggested Aria.

“Oh well, we still have the rock, so we can always go back. Anyway, let’s go to my house and talk.”


And they did.

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