Taylor, Age 13, Doylestown, PA

“I am proud to announce the winner of the Spring Fling: The Doylestown Mustangs!” exclaimed the tournament director.

I knew it was going to be a long weekend from Friday night onward. It was the first tournament of the season, and the Mustangs were ready to play. We came out strong, but we ended even stronger. I was confident that we would come to play. When we play, no one comes close to beating us.

After winning five games, we were declared champions.

I thought about Audrey’s hit in the semifinals. I realized that if it wasn’t for her, we never would be playing in the championship game. We had just faced our nemesis, The Horsham Banshees. I noticed that they looked defeated when they first stepped on the field. They looked like they came back from a long and intense war. They had dull faces, mumbled cheers, and sweaty bodies.

We went out on the field strong. I loved when I looked at the line-up and saw Brooke on the mound and Hayley behind the plate. I knew we would have outs from stealing and strikeouts. Also, we came off the field strong by winning 11-0…a mercy rule championship game.

The game was amazing, fierce and intense Mustang softball. We all came ready to play. Everyone had amazing at bats to put the pressure on. When we scored eleven runs off a fast pitcher, we showed that we can just hit off anyone. Also, we had amazing defense. Our defense was amazing because we never let one run score. We made incredibly plays by getting runners out on the throw down to second. Plus, our outfield caught every fly ball. Finally, Brooke pitched marvellously. Therefore, we played amazing making the Champion title ours.

We all lined up on the field waiting anxiously to get our gold medals and plaque. The medals that declared us champions—sparkly, gold, and fire red. Perfect gold, sparkling and shimmering, the best medals you could ever think of. It was like we just won the 2012 Summer Olympics. I began to feel pride inside. This accomplishment was a milestone and one step closer to nationals. Parents proud, coaches pleased, and players overexcited—The Mustangs!

I noticed that we had just achieved one of our myriad goals. Walking up to get my medal strung around my neck with a smile of accomplishment on my face was the most remarkable feeling anyone could ever have. Our confidence showed and we walked off the field the same way we walked on…with our heads held high.

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