The Big Blue Waves
Lauren, Age 13, Doylestown, PA

“Splash!” The waves were swooping over us like a cop finding the criminal. It was that time again, our family Myrtle Beach vacation. Everyone was there from my mom's side, such as my Aunt Samara, Uncle Jimmy, and cousins. However, no one was there from my dad's side.

The sun, a bright yellow ball outlined in orange rays, was shining right down on us. It was 88 degrees Fahrenheit. My dad was now as red as a lobster, as he didn’t put on sunblock. Sydney and I were flipping off our flip-flops, and hiding our feet in copious warm sand. I loved the feeling of colorless sand munching in between my toes, as it felt like a massage and smelled like a fragrance of its own.

Sydney and I are sharing our favorite drink from the kid bar, a virgin strawberry Daiquiri. Its pink sparkly color and sweet refreshing flavor tickled and moistly slid down our throats, making our stomachs grumble for more. After she finished, she cheerfully said, “Want to go back in?”
“OK,” I answered, and back in we went.

As we got in, a football went flying over my head. I was worried it was going to hit me, but it never did. Back and forth the football went like a seesaw; I finally realized it was my brother Sam and cousin Jake.

Jump! Splash! The girl cousins were hopping over the waves, big and blue, like bunnies. The gleaming waves screamed “Get out!” in a cacophonous voice, but we didn’t, so they got rougher and harder, making the salty taste fill my mouth. As the clock started ticking by, we all got tired and nonchalant, so we decided to head out.

“Guys, can I have a picture?” my grandma asked us. I didn’t want to take the picture. My hair was messed up, and furthermore I was sunburnt. All of us had given each other a bad look, but the oldest cousin, Stacy, assiduous and knowledgeable, stepped up and told her sure. I wished she hadn’t done that. However, I understood it was the right thing to do.

“Let’s go back up after our picture,” Jake proposed. I hoped the rest of my family would agree to this since I was tired. When everyone was in an accord with his proposal, we headed up to our condo—comfy, small, but nice. As I went into the elevator, I realized how important family was. It doesn’t matter if you have a plethora of friends; all you need are optimistic family members to be right by your side.
When the waves get bigger and rougher, just step out and find your shell: family. That family vacation made me learn that.

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