City for the First Time
Sharize, Age 12, Lexington Park, MD
                      These are not the words that I normally say.
Iíve thought about everything and decided to stay.
I can sit here frozen in time.
While everything is at its prime.
Itís just so great being in this place.
I know what I need and it moves at its own pace.
I can just lock everything away into a hole.
Even if I donít have any control.
People like us are the ones that are disconnected.
To ourselves we have all been rejected.
To what it has to bring and say.
Letís run off and play.
Into the hole we climb to see what we miss.
We are caught up in the wonderful bliss.
Nobody misses the other world of drama and silence.
We have entered a world with more than one entrance.
And it will all last.
And we are now in a different class.
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