The Closing Walls
Tayler, Age 10, Calgary AB

Cristina woke up with a start; she was very, very excited. It was finally summer break! She jumped out of bed and got dressed. Cristina skipped down the stairs and waited for her mom to come down the stairs. She plopped on the couch and turned on the TV. As she waited for mom, she decided she would make herself some breakfast. She grabbed the pancake mix and began to make herself, her sister, and her little brother some breakfast. Once she finished, she got up and carried her brother downstairs and put him in his highchair. And then she grabbed her older sister and dragged her into the kitchen. Then she gave them their breakfast. As she watched them eat, she enjoyed her breakfast, then her brother and sister both went back to sleep. Cristina noticed that summer break was going by faster than ever; now it was nearly Grade Five! She went to the creek and began to throw rocks into the creek, and then when she finished, she walked back home, ready for Grade Five.

* * *

“Beeeeeep!” rang the school bell. Cristina’s friends were lined up in a single file line and were very excited to know who their teacher was. She had heard about the grade five teachers. One of them was mean. She lined up in her line and waited for the school doors to open. She looked up at the teacher who stood in front of her and to her horror she gazed up at Miss Char, the meanest teacher in school.

She waited at her classroom silently. She looked outside and saw the Grade Eights playing football. She gazed outside and she heard her name being called.

“Yes?” Cristina replied.

“You haven’t been listening today; go outside and think about what you did,” Miss Char declared.

Cristina stomped off into the hallway; she shoved open the door and hurtled outside. As she pushed her way toward the Grade Eights who were playing football, she found a place that was private from the school and a place from where she could see the Grade Eights playing football.

Cristina saw her sister and as she looked closer she noticed that they were all looking at her and to her dismay her sister had a broken leg. She rushed to the classroom once the bell rang and grabbed Taylor by the hand and pulled her to her sister. They both held one arm and she leaned close to her sister; she noticed that her sister was going to have to go to the hospital and get crutches. She thought about how much she would miss her sister playing soccer with her and practicing football with the Grade Eights. There was so much stuff she could not do without her sister. Cristina closed her eyes and took a deep breath; she carried her sister and got ready for a change.

* * *

“Wake up! Wake up!’” cried Baillie from their sleepover the other night.

“I’m up! I’m up!” Cristina croaked.

“What are we having for breakfast?” Baillie asked.

“I don’t know; go ask my mom,” Cristina said as she plopped open her book called “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” She opened it and after ten minutes or so she went downstairs and had some breakfast.

“Come on, you can’t stay there forever!” exclaimed Baillie, happiness trailing in her voice.

“No!” Cristina cried. The two girls stood at the foot of a cliff and in between it was a huge waterfall that was twenty feet high, Cristina guessed. So Cristina stood two feet away from it and vowed not to come closer to it.

“Please, you would make me so happy!” Baillie gave her the pouting face. “Please.”

Cristina paused; she hesitated then she moved a bit closer and closer and closer until she was a foot away from the waterfall’s edge. Cristina shivered and took one step closer.

“There you go!” Baillie smiled, as the two girls watched the sunset and then got up and headed home.

“Yay! It’s finally Sunday!” Cristina cried. Sunday was when she got to eat pancakes or waffles. Her sister had gotten crutches and was her old self now; the only unfair thing was that she always got ice cream after dinner. But the good news was she got to go to Baillie’s house every night to play soccer or football.

Cristina knew it was going to be a bad day at school because she as always sat outside; it probably wasn’t going to be long before she got suspended. That day she had the worst day ever and, guess what, she got suspended. Cristina ran to the forest and vowed never to come out. She silently screamed and by the time she decided to go home, she forgot where she came in and she was lost.

“I feel like a lost toy!” she started to cry. Then she had a crazy idea to build airplane, but first she had to build a house…

“Okay, step one or step five?” Cristina had almost finished the house and was moving onto the airplane Then she thought, “Well, maybe instead of flying home I could fly to Hawaii.” As she continued to work on her airplane, she realized it was time to go to sleep and she closed her eyes and let the soothing feeling of sleep grasp her body. Gummy bears danced around her in her dreams the past flashed before her eyes; starting when she was still a three year old, it went all the way until now.

She sprung up. Cristina rushed to the airplane she was making and hopefully she would finish by tomorrow morning. Then she opened her backpack and pulled out a map out. “A map of the forest!” she gaped. “What’s the point in working on an airplane when I have a map?” she wondered out loud. Then Cristina looked at the map and wondered where she had come in. “There!” she cried and pointed to a small hole in-between some trees. “But then where am I?” Cristina looked around, a puzzled look on her face. She looked back on the map. Then she stood up and tried to find the hole in-between the trees. It took at least five days but she finally found the hole and figured out the map to! “I did it.” Cristina gasped in a surprised voice. “It’s time to go home!” she cried and stomped off toward home. As soon as she opened the door, her mother came running up.
“Are you all right?” her mother asked. “I’ve been worried sick!” she cried. Then her mom gave her a big hug. She looked at Emma who had happiness glowing in her eyes.

“You’re home!” she cried. “Let's go play football!”

Cristina looked at her mom. She nodded then the two girls ran outside and played football. “Man, it’s good to be home.” Cristina thought and continued to play football.
As Cristina walked into her class, all of her friends were wondering what happened to her and why she hadn’t been at school for two weeks. Then she realized that it was picture day and as they lined up she noticed that Miss Char had changed a lot! She was actually being nice to her now. Then Cristina began to think, “Miss Char may be mean at times, but she is a person and she care about us and although she is the meanest teacher in the school, she’s nice to me and I should be nice to her.”

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