Tommy's Great Adventures:
The Battle of Dark Piggy
Breannah, Age 10, Calgary, AB


Crash! “Oh no!” yelled Tommy. One of Tommy’s mom’s expensive vases broke. “Mom's going to be furious with me,” exclaimed Tommy.

It was the middle of the afternoon and Cara, Tommy’s mom, has to put up with her annoying boss, Mr. Winkleberry. Her job is being a paper lady for the news line. She hates her job, but they need the money and no other jobs were right for her. He decided to make himself some toast for brunch. There were only two pieces of bread, and his mother said not to eat them, but Tommy forgot. When the toast was finished, Tommy spread some butter on it; the butter sizzled. When he went to eat his toast, a weird note appeared on the burnt piece of bread. It read: “I will get you Tommy!” His eyes popped with fear. He tossed the toast in the garbage and grabbed some juice. The juice had a sign on it. One big oval with two mini circles in the middle. But he drank it anyway. The doorbell rang and startled Tommy. It was his mother! If she saw the broken vase, he would be dead. He swept the extra pieces of shattered vase under the shaggy carpet. Tommy slowly opened the door.

“Hi, Mom, you’re looking nice today,” he spoke nervously.

“Okay Tommy, what happened?” she asked.

“Nothing,” he replied.

Cara walked towards the kitchen but then tripped on the shattered vase. Tommy knew he was grounded for one week. That’s rubbish! His mom can’t know about the note; she thinks there are too many dangers. One week was enough to think about what he had done. But he didn't think about that. He thought about the note more and more. “Why bread?” he asked himself.


The next day, Tommy decided to tell his friend Bobby about the note. But first he had to sneak out. When he was out of the house, he went to Bobby’s house. Bobby was his first best friend. Bobby didn't necessarily believe the story he told him. Outside, he was just pretending to believe the story. He wasn't that interested in the story either. He was just fiddling with his shoe and humming a tune. Bobby has red hair and freckles. Tommy knew he wasn't listening so he left. Tommy was still grounded, so he had to be heading home. He snuck through the window and crashed to the floor. Cara was in the kitchen cooking dinner and heard Tommy; she grabbed a wooden spoon and quietly tip-toed in the living room. His mother saw it was him sneaking through the window. He was grounded for two more weeks. Tommy wasn't surprised. That night, in Tommy’s closet, a green light was moving around. Tommy sat up to watch the glowing light. Then all of a sudden, a hairy pig with grey wings flew out of the closet and tied up Tommy.

“Mom!” he yelled. “Help!”

Cara ran as fast as she could to Tommy’s room. She saw him being taken away to a faraway galaxy. By pigs! Cara dropped to her knees with tears in her eyes. A ripped piece of paper fell on her lap: SPACE, SATURN.

“Saturn!” she cried. “I can’t go to outer space on Saturn. But I’ll need to try." She needed to think of a way to get to space and save her son before it’s too late. “I will need to fly!!!” she exclaimed.


The next morning, Cara had to drive to NASA and board the space ship. She snuck in the ship and karate chopped the astronaut. He fell straight asleep. She quickly took the controls and flew to Saturn. She lost the controls and crashed into Pluto! She went and grabbed a space suit and rewired the system. There was a dent the size of an elephant! She was off to Saturn. Meanwhile on Saturn, Tommy was brought to the minion pig’s leader, Dark Piggy.

“What do you want from me?” he sadly asked.

“My minions never listen and are not evil at all, but you on the other hand, you are all those things,” Dark Piggy evilly replied.

“But I just broke a vase, and snuck out…twice,” he mumbled.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a huge needle going through your brain. You won’t feel a thing," Dark Piggy chuckled.

All of Tommy’s obedience and evilness would be sucked out of his brain and dripped into the brains of the minions. Dark Piggy strapped Tommy to a board with the sharp needle placed in front of him. He felt like he could cry. His grandmother always told to sing when you’re in a doozy. She literally said “doozy.” He started singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star,” he spoke. "How I wonder what you are.”

The needle got more power to drill. He kept on singing. It got closer to Tommy’s head and a faraway squeal came from a minion. Cara, holding a minion by the snout, came to save her son.

“I guess singing does work. I love you, Grandma,” he shouted. “I wish I could sing out of this situation.”


Cara threw and kicked the crowd of miniature pig minions to get to her loving son. Finally, she got to Dark Piggy. POW! She kicked him right in the snout.

“Mom! Help!” Tommy cried.

Cara pushed Dark Piggy far enough so she could turn off the brain sucker. She tried to reach the panel, but Dark Piggy pulled her down. There was only fifteen seconds left before his brain was gone and his body would be nothing but an empty shell. She reached again. Ten seconds. She stretched her arm as long as it goes.

“MOMMM!!” Tommy yelped.

“I’m almost there, son,” she pleaded.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and right at that second: ZING! It was too late. She turned off the machine and unstrapped her son. He was flimsy and light. Her eyes filled with tears. She couldn't believe what was happening. Her son was dead and she was being put in jail! She could faint, but was too surprised to. The evil minions grabbed them to put them in Saturn prison. She tried to float away, but the gravity was too slow. They tossed her in the rusty old cell.


Cara needed to find a way out of the prison. One of the bars bent. “Hey, it’s fake steel,” she exclaimed. She fled the cell with the flopping body. She passed the minions. They were too dumb to notice her.

Then there was Dark Piggy. While he lazily slept, she got a better chance of saving her son. She strapped Tommy to the board and rewired the system. She pulled the switch. Blast! Tommy breathed all his breaths. Cara hit the self-destruct button. Dark Piggy heard the commotion and awoke from his nap.

“Get them!” he yelled. The minions didn't move, so Dark Piggy chased them. He grabbed Tommy’s leg and pulled him down. Cara kicked Dark Piggy with her heel.

“That’s for almost killing my son!” she yelled. They floated to the ship and landed safely on Earth. Bright fireworks filled the sky from Saturn. They returned home and Dave, Tommy’s dad, returned from a business trip in Fiji.

“You had a nice day?” he wondered.

“Yeah,” they both replied.

“Nothing special,” mumbled Tommy. But he knew his adventures weren't over yet.


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