A Dazzling Day
Lauren, Age 13, Doylestown, PA

The synagogue was bare, quiet, frozen. My hair was done in never-ending curls that were falling from my head, eyes glistening from the faint light from the rain.

“It almost seems as if our God’s tears were falling from his eyes above,” I said to myself.

My jewelry was on, and I was dazzling in my dress, the navy blue dress with beautiful stones at the torso, the one that bloomed like a flower when twirling. I then greeted my parents in the hallway. Huge smiles spread across their faces, and in the reflection of my eyes. It was now the day, the day I had been awaiting for twelve years now. I couldn’t believe that this was the moment, my moment. I walked into the sanctuary as people were shuffling to their seats.

“Good morning, everyone. Welcome to the bnai mitzvah of Ian and Lauren,” pronounced our rabbi.

The crowd still silent, my brother made his way up to the bimah. After some lengthy prayers, which felt like seconds to me, I was more nervous than ever! I was so worried that I would get tense and completely mess up my prayers, or talk too fast, or even worse, drop the Torah. I slowly and calmly made my way up to the podium and read my prayers and speeches with eloquence. Following our Hebrew, my parents and relatives emotionally made their blessings over us and our future lives and returned to their seats, tissues bunched up by their damp eyes. Once the service was over, every one took a Sunkist candy and threw it at my brother and me! After all, the service was sweet, and everything was perfect so far; on top of that, everyone said that I looked stunning and everything was mellifluous. By speaking in front of people, I definitely knew that I could overcome my fears. But at that moment, I wasn’t going through my prayers or my speech. I was thinking about the party to follow.

All of the kids quickly ran onto the bus, for the sky was still pouring crystal droplets. After the short drive, we arrived at Beat Street; I was so excited that I wasn’t even focused on the fact that cameras were flashing my way as I walked into the party room. As soon as everyone was settled, I was ready to put on my dancing shoes. The music was on, the food was ready. I had only been there for a few minutes, and I was already having a blast! After the main entrances, it was time for me, my parents, and my brother to be lifted in the chair. I was first, since I am the youngest, and my heart was pounding to the music and I was full of fear. But, after all, once I was lifted into the air, I wished I could stay up there, it was so enjoyable! Unfortunately, I had to pass the opportunity along to my brother. After all, dancing the day away was great and I was glad that everyone was having a pleasurable time. This special event was just how I planned it; nothing could have been better. As I reflected on the day, the early morning was bare, quiet, frozen, and then it melted away into an amazing day.

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