The Delightful Diner
Olivia, Age 10, Calgary, AB

Two girls came to a glorious diner for lunch. When the waitress, Giana, came she was very cruel.

When they ordered their food, they got a sandwich and chips and an omelette and a fruit skewer and hot chocolate. When the food came, Giana tripped and the food was SCATTERED! But Giana didn’t care.

She cleaned up the mess and got the food again! It took one hour for the food. When it was time for dessert, they ordered the pumpkin pie. When they were ready for their check, Giana disappeared. They went to the front desk to find her. The lady at the front desk called Giana to come with the check. When she came, she was even ruder. The girls left the money on the table and left complaining about Giana. And they never went to suffer that diner disaster again! The next morning, the girls woke up and got ready for school.

When they tried to turn off their alarm, which was blaring “Gangnam Style,” they reached from the top bunk fell off!

The girls got up and got dressed. Then they went downstairs for breakfast. When they started to pack their bags, their sister woke up. She told them that there was no SCHOOL! Then they all got back in their pyjamas and went back to bed!

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