The Dragon's Chamber
Maia, Age 9, Calgary, AB

There was once a girl named Maia. She was exploring her new school when she saw a window that was completely black inside and it was blocked off with bars. Then a boy popped up in the window. He told Maia to stay away from the red doors. “Why?” wondered Maia. Before he could say anything, a shadow appeared and grabbed the boy. Maia was suspicious; she wanted to know what was behind the red doors. She asked everyone but no one would answer her.

She wanted to know so badly so she stopped asking people and went to find the red doors herself. After hours of searching the school, she found the red doors.

There were bars on the door, so she couldn’t get in. So she went home and slept but also blocked off the doors. The next morning, she came back with her dad’s chainsaw. Her dad said she could use his hammer, so she thought it would be OK to use her dad’s chainsaw as well.

After she sawed the bars, she opened the doors and saw a hallway that was completely red and black inside. “I might as well go,” she said.

She bravely walked through the hallway. After she got further in the hallway, she saw a giant scorpion up ahead. She ran for her life. ‘‘Help me,’’ she yelled. “You know what? I'm going to face that beast. I don’t care if I get poisoned and die, I am not gonna be a girly girl that’s gonna run all day,” she thought.

She remembered that she still had her dad’s chainsaw. ‘‘Hey scorpion, take this,’’ she yelled as she sliced the scorpion in half. Suddenly more scorpions come out. ‘‘Oh come on!’’ she yelled. ‘‘This hallway is crazy,” she said. She tried to saw all of the scorpions, but the chainsaw was out of gas when she had only finished slicing half of the scorpions! She ran past the scorpions until they couldn’t find her. She just knew that she was safe now. She turned on the next corner she saw.

There was a completely black room with a light window like she saw when she first came.

Just then she spotted a crack of light on the wall. It was a door! She ran to the door and opened it. She saw a huge red dragon in front of her. Next to the dragon she spotted a cage with tons of boys trapped inside. Then she saw the key, but the key was on the dragon's neck.

‘‘Unbelievable,’’ she said. Suddenly a sword, armor, and a shield fell right in front of her. She closed the door and got changed into the armor very quickly, and then she challenged the dragon to a duel to rescue all the people that got captured. ’’Come at me, dragon’’ she yelled.

The dragon breathed flaming hot fire from its mouth. ‘’Well this going to be hard to win,’’ she said.

After that the dragon almost bit her head off! She was so surprised. She tried to stab the dragon, but her sword just bounced off its thick scales. She had to find a weak spot. She couldn’t find it anywhere. But then she found a pink spot on the dragon, but it was too high for her to reach. So she climbed the dragon and stabbed the sword into the dragon! The dragon was defeated!

She grabbed the key from the dragon’s neck and freed the boys that were captured! ‘‘Thank you very much for freeing us from the dragon's chamber. How can we repay you?’’ they said.

‘’Well, can you get me just one chocolate bar,’’ smiled Maia.

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