The Evil Ice Cream Blobs
Omolara, Age 9, Calgary, AB

 One day there was a jellybean named Julie Jellybean. She had to go to school one day. But she didn’t want to. Because there was a big bully named Matthew Marshmallow. He had a big sister named Maddy Marshmallow. Now, as cute and merry as they sound, they did NOT get along well. Before Julie went to school, she always called her best friend, Jenna Jellybean.

“Hello?” said Jenna.

“Hi, Jenna. I want to walk to school with you today. Can I?” asked Julie.

“Huh? Julie, school started 30 minutes ago. I am talking from my phone,” replied Jenna. Julie Jellybean was late for school.

“Got to go, Jenna. I’m late. Bye.” So she rushed off to school. But when she got there, everything was going wrong. There were ice cream blobs everywhere! “I wonder were Jenna is,” she thought. At that time, she saw Jenna—she was running for her life! Then the principal, Pamma Hamma, came out and tried to calm everybody down.

Just then an aircraft landed in school grounds. “Everybody evacuate the area. Board the aircraft. Everybody evacuate the area. Board the aircraft,” the government agent called. All Julie Jellybean could see was a bunch of candy getting on this big flying thing. She was so confused that Julie just decided to get on with the other candies. As Julie Jellybean got on, she started to look for…

“Jenna!” Julie cried as she found her fellow Jellybean: Jenna Jellybean. “I’m so glad I found you! What’s going on here?” asked Julie, quite confused. So Jenna told her.

“We were just enjoying another NORMAL day at school, when out of the blue, the Evil Ice Cream Blobs came out of nowhere! Then everybody started to freak out and run all over the place! It was a catastrophe. And now we are here, in this flying thingy.” Julie took a moment to process everything Jenna said. Jenna’s a fast talker!

“So now we don’t even know where we are going and ice cream took over our planet?”

“Pretty much,” replied Jenna.

Julie didn’t know what to do. She was terrified. She didn’t even know if she would see her parents again. The ship started to lift off and fly who-knows-were. So the government of Candy Ville told everyone to stay calm. They were on the ship for five days and nights with the nurses trying to take care of everyone. Jenna was getting faint. She was airsick. Julie had enough of this. It was getting ridiculous.

“It is basically like flying in the middle of nowhere waiting for the ice cream blobs to leave,” Julie thought. It was time to say something. So she got up, went to the front of the ship (it was a long walk) and said through the microphone, “Candies of Candy Ville, this is ridiculous. Aren’t you sick and tired of waiting around for ice cream to leave our town? They probably won’t leave any time soon. So why are we waiting around? Let’s get um’!” Julie announced.

“YA!” everybody shouted. The government agreed.

“Alright then. We will get our best swordsmen. And everybody will contribute to destroying the ice cream blobs,” the government announced. The candies cheered. Julie returned back to her seat. (Again, it was a long walk). Jenna told her that she did a great job. And also Jenna told her that she conquered her fear of shyness. Before they knew it, the driver turned around the ship and headed towards Candy Ville. Julie watch as the swordsmen prepared for the big fight. Six days later, they were home. But not quite yet. They still had to defeat the ice cream blobs. Everybody was going in their places secretly without being seen. Then came the action. All of the swordsmen charged at the blobs. Everybody distracted the ice cream while the swordsmen started to fight the ice cream blobs. One by one, they started to leave. After the last one was gone, they all cheered. Candy Ville was back!

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