Football Dream
Mitchell, Age 14, Doylestown, PA

I feel confident to call the play…“Down…set…hit…hit!” I roll out to the left, looking for a receiver. I find my guy: Chad Guzzi. I throw the “long bomb” to him. And he catches it for a 47 yard gain. We are almost about to score. The next play, negative yards. The play after that, incomplete. So we are forced to punt. Later, Unami has to punt. Palmer runs down get the ball and sprints down the sideline running as fast as he can. Nobody can touch him! And he scores!! It’s now 7-6 Unami. I’ve always wanted to do his. My coach told me we were going to run it in…and that was going to happen
“Down… set… hit…hit!’’ Badger snaps me the ball—AND I SCORE! I now have the game at 8-7 Holicong. When I get to the sideline, everyone is giving me a high five. Me, big and proud in joy, fans screaming. I walk over to Palmer. “Great job, man, we couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Thanks,” Palmer says.

Later on in the game, it’s over. The defense holds on tight and keeps us for the win, 8-7 Holicong. I feel so excited and happy and overjoyed, like I just won a $1,000,000,000. When my team and I are being congratulated by family and friends,
our helmet dazzling in the sun—that is it. I know the other team feels bitter. I wish I could always replay this game, over and over again.

I’ve always wanted to be like my brother. Play in the NFL. That’s my goal, to play in the NFL, to be a great quarterback for my team. That was the very first game that I ever played for a school, and for a real team.

But now as I look back at my day, I think to myself, “My brother has never scored in his life.” But I just did. I did something he cannot do anymore. He comes and watches me play sometimes, teaches me what I can do to get better. I’m glad I have a brother like him. Without him, maybe I wouldn’t be playing football as the starting quarterback. Maybe I would just be sitting on the bench watching them play. I’m so glad that I have a brother like him. Now I know what I’m looking forward to next year: playing football with my team. Scoring and throwing touchdowns for and with my team…I can’t wait for next year.

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