A Great Adventure
Sam, Age 9, Calgary, AB

“Aaaauuggghhh,” cried Jim Mutter. A wolf growled at him with an arm in its mouth. His arm. It was raining in the fall somewhere in a forest as this happened. Desperate, he tried to break a branch, but with only one arm, he struggled. The wolf jumped at him, and Jim clonked his head on a rock. The wolf approached the unconscious Jim, snarling. Jim’s body was paralyzed, but his mind still worked, and it was saying something.

“Wake up, Jim,” it said faintly. “Wake uuuupp. Wake up.” It grew louder and louder.

“Wake up!” It started to get a bit scary.


“Wha-what?!” asked Jim. He was in his class, and Mr. Hagrot exclaimed, “Have you been daydreaming in class AGAIN?”

“W-well…” stammered Jim.

“I don’t care!” yelled Mr.Hagrot. “I’m going to keep a close eye on you, and if I catch you daydreaming again, I’ll give you two detentions!”

“Two detentions?” Jim exclaimed.

“Oh, did I say two?” he said sarcastically. “Make it three.”

“B-bu-b…” Jim stammered.

“Not another word or it’s four detentions for you!” said Mr. Hagrot evilly. Jim stared out for a while. It wasn’t fair for him to get three detentions, but he really didn’t need four. Finally, Jim slowly nodded. “Good, now, let’s continue on the War of 1812…”
Jim tried to stay awake, but the best he could do was keep one eye open. He wished he could go back to his fantasy world.

“Now, a pop quiz.” Mr. Hagrot said. Everybody groaned. Mr. Hagrot always tried to weasel in a pop quiz when he got the chance. “You all know what I expect from you. A bad grade would result in…” Mr. Hagrot never got to finish his sentence before the bell rang. Everybody rushed and shoved to go home. Once Jim got his backpack, his best friend Will came over.

“Yo, man,” he said in a mid-low tone. “Hagrot pulled the plug on ya, eh?” Will tried his best to look cool.

“Nah,, I just got busted, that’s all.” Jim said.

“Ya, Hagrot’s such a jerk,” Will replied. “You comply?”

Jim smiled. He felt lucky to have Will as a friend. “Yep,” he said. “After detention, I’ll come over to your house.”

“Sure thing,” said Will back. “Later.”

Jim grinned “Bye!” he called as he trotted to detention.

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