The Greenroom
Scott, Age 13, Doylestown, PA

A day like no other. Perfect waves, sunny bluebird sky, the crisp noise of the waves crashing and breaking out far, the waves the best things in the world as they crash on the beach. It was a perfect day. I grabbed my board and my fins and set out into the blue silky warm ocean ready to face the waves. I ran out with my Boogie board, the sleekest, the fastest, and the blackest. I was ready to catch the wave of my life as I was running into the surf.

I was out in the surf waiting and waiting for the perfect wave. Then it swooped in like a giant eagle, tall and blue. I paddled and paddled, getting on the wave; then I got on and shot down the face of the wave like a rocket, swerving and turning up and down the wave while screaming “YEAH!!!!!!!!” Then I saw the Greenroom wall come crashing down like a million pounds, and I swerved into the wave as the wall closed and I was in the Greenroom, an amazing place where nothing else matters and you just take in the moment. The Greenroom is the coolest and most beautiful place in the whole world. It changes you and shows you new things—it is spectacular. Being inside the Greenroom, the tube of the wave curling and closing in on surfers, was the best moment of my life.
That moment changed my life forever, and I will always treasure it in my memory of great and amazing summers to come. The Greenroom is something that is life changing and is so extravagant and wondrous. It is something that one will not forget and will remember for all time.

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