Intro to Paradise
Maddy, Age 13, Doylestown, PA

There’s a first time for everything. First steps, first game, and even first time out of state. You get that sickening feeling inside you, telling you not to, but you know you do. It’s ready to fight with you to not go, or to not do it. How do you think I felt about going out of country? I had been told of different cultures, housing, and clothes of the strange island of Bermuda. I was stuck on the opinion that I wouldn’t like the island. Growing up in a place with heat, brown grass, and tornados is a lot different than growing up with oceans, bright lights, palm trees, and colorful towns. I noticed that difference with distaste.
When I first stepped off the plane I saw crowds of people swarming like flies toward the exit sign, just to see a glimpse of the other side. I get why they were too; all I saw in that moment was gravel runways and clouds of pollution. Anyone would want to know if it was going to be like this the entire vacation. I took tentative steps until I reached the limp, rusting exit sign, and I sucked in a quick breath in pure amazement.
The comforting, forest green palm trees danced in enough wind to shadow a couple degrees off the temperature. Colors like bright cherry red, acid green, and Bermuda salmon pink were at war on the many exotic town buildings. The people, jabbering in gleaming excitement, were acting oblivious to the bristly, spicy heat. I, of course, was off to the side, getting cooled off already, and was looking around for where we were staying.

The flowers, feverish in warmth and color, peered out of their buds, glossy in whiffs of their sweet smelling air. They covered walkways, stone walls, and even the piers that welcomed the boats. Soon we were walking on the silky paths, and eventually came to our condo. Its salmon pink base and white shutters erupted from the sandy, coconut filled ground, dragging us in to see the inside. I was filled with relief, because not only did it have air conditioning, but out back was a hot tub. The resort it was a part of was chock full of different restaurants and shops. A pool sat overflowing onto the rocks that seemed to have been put there to prevent someone from falling off. The question was what were they protecting someone from? Then I saw. The crystal blue water, painted across the canvas of sand in such perfection that Picasso couldn’t have done. It changed its colors as the sun shifted its skins. It was so clear, that you could see the coral reefs and many exotic fish. My dad and brothers saw this and went dancing to find a sign-up sheet to go deep sea fishing. But I sat there, soaking up the water and beauty of it all. I was drawn to everything about this island—the colors, the people. I knew it was going to be a great vacation in Bermuda.

It soon became night time, and my feet were still drowning in the soft, cold sand. The magnet moon kept my eyes and face on it while it glowed, reflected as a small, milky-white haze on the water, daring me to go in. But I just stared and eventually walked in my worn footsteps to follow the golden lights and singing people back to my condo. I had found my introduction to paradise.

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