Letting Go
Sharon, Age 16, Salem, OR
                      You ask,
how do you let something go?
But I say,
when will you realize that the chains on your soul are wrapped so tightly,
that they’re crushing you underneath their weight.
That the destination of your heart,
no longer has to be orchestrated by where your limbs
choose to go.
It can be free,
free like a ship with no sail and bowlines to obey.

How do you let something go you ask?
Oh, but when will you realize that something’s no longer fit to be
harbored under your gentle wings?
That your mind no longer has to suffocate underneath the unforgiving currents of
sadness and hate.
It can be free,
free to run and frolic throughout your writhing bones
to shake the bindings on your soul so that you may be completely free at last.

You ask,
How do you let something go?
But I say,
When do the clouds know when to cut a channel for
torrents of rain that fall to the earth?
Do they wish it farewell before they open their mouths to release
downpours of rain onto parched lands?
Do they cry
after letting go of everything they've kept safe inside their billowing fluffy manes for so long?
Their tears causing salty spheres of silver to drop like peanuts to the earth.

How do you let something go you ask?
Oh, but when will you realize that it's time to move on!
Will you walk to the edge of a great abyss and heave it over?
Or will you carefully release its bony fingers
from your heart and set it gently on the ground.
Saying your final goodbyes.

But when I turn and look into your eyes.
Blue like a stormy sea.
And you look into mine, burnt brown like sand after the rain,
I whisper to you quietly,
Not how do you let it go.
Not if you will let it go.
But will you let it go?

At this, your heart stutters and looks away,
because we both know the truth.
That somewhere in a corner,
deep inside your confused, dusty, mixed up soul.
You're afraid to let it go...
You don't want to release it and let it rise out of you like a hot air balloon,
because you want to remember.
Remember the bitter sweet memory like sugar on your tongue,
and never truly forget...

Your first love.
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