Pursuing Pictures
Alexa, Age 12, Warminster, PA

When I look at photographs from a recent vacation, I’m amazed by how many memories they hold for me, and how much fun I usually have spending time with my family and friends. Those pictures prove that nothing can be more salient than your family.

Sometimes we don’t have enough time to spend with each other. That is why a vacation can always catch you up on what is going on in our lives, and it always brings you closer to each other. “I love to spend time with you,” I said to my family right before we left for Mexico.

One sunny, summery morning during the trip to Mexico, my family decided to go to the cold, refreshing beach. “But we go to the beach every day,” I complained to my dad, so instead we decided to take a walk. It was on this adventure that we saw many animals and even funny looking plants.

“There go some iguanas and lizards. Oh, did you see that baby snake,” my dad and my friend’s parents pointed out. One thing that caught my eye was an old looking hut. So we went and inspected this old looking place.

“I wonder how this hut is stable even though it looks like it is going to fall apart,” I said. The colorless, hot, odorless hut was empty, with nothing inside but a shiny pot. There was nothing else to do, so we decided to take some pictures to remember the time we had fun investigating with our family.

“Change your poses,” my dad and my friend’s parents bellowed. We took so many pictures with my family and we were having a great time. My mom was at the beach where the sand squishes through your feet and you can smell the salty ocean water glistening from a cool breeze. Sadly, we didn’t take pictures with my mom, but we showed them to her and I’m sure she had a great time at the beach. At least I hope she did. I wish we found something else besides the hut, but it was fascinating.

Those pictures we took share the good times we had in Mexico with my family. Every time I look at those photographs, I remember that spending time with your family is very important and the moments that you share with them are precious. Treasure every sweet moment you spend with your loved ones and remember it for life. When you look at photographs with your family, you will be very amazed at all of the memories they hold for you and how much fun it is to spend time with your family and friends.

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