Ruby and Jester
Kimberly, Age 10, Mount Gambier, South Australia

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Ruby and she wanted a puppy so bad. She begged her mum and dad all the time. Her mum might be talking about school and then she’d ask about getting a puppy. When she turned nine years old, her father gave her a puppy. She loved it right away; she named it Jester.

When Ruby turned ten her mother and father broke up. When they would fight and argue, she would take Jester upstairs and tell her all her problems. Jester was a great listener and always knew when Ruby was sad, and that it was not playtime. Jester always made Ruby happy again.

One day Ruby had had enough of the arguing between her parents and she stopped talking in front of people. She would only talk to Jester. Early one morning Ruby went to Jester’s bed, but she was not there. When her mum woke up she could not see Jester and saw Ruby looking for Jester. She knew right away what happened: Jester had run away.

Ruby’s mum rang Ruby’s dad and said sorry if Ruby is a bit sad today but Jester has run away. That night Ruby was not Ruby and did not drink her tea. Ruby’s 11th birthday was in a few weeks, but she did not care. Everyone tried to cheer her up, but it was no use. At night she slept with Jester’s dog toy.

On Monday it was Ruby's birthday. Her mum got her a kitten. Her dad got her a rabbit. Her aunty got her a goldfish. Her nan got her two hermit crabs. None of this cheered her up. She just sat at the table holding back tears. Just before cake, Ruby heard scratching at the door. She thought she knew who it was, but it was just her pa. She was so disappointed. Soon a man was knocking at the door. It was the vet with Jester! Ruby was so happy that she said, “Jester you are back!” in front of everyone. Her mum and dad were so happy again. That night Ruby was so happy and Jester was all safe and sound.

The End

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