The Sky Queen
Rida, Age 11, Sydney, Lakemba, NSW, Australia

“Hey, Ella, wait for me”, yelled Sofia. “Ella!”

“Okay, okay, relax slowcoach,” said Ella.

“What’s the hurry, Ella?” Sofia asked. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, Jess, that cool girl, is my new best friend,“ Ella answered.

“Oh aren’t you my best friend?” Sofia asked anxiously.

“Look, I know you thought I was your best friend, but I’ve been your best friend for a long time, okay. I really want to be someone else’s friend now. If you really are a good friend, you’ll understand me,” Ella said, leaving Sofia all alone.

“Oh Sofia, why won’t you eat anything? Even your lunchbox is full. You haven’t had a thing all day,“ said Sofia’s mum.

“Mum, I’m not hungry,” Sofia answered.

“Come on, just a little.”

“Mum, I said I’m not hungry,” said Sofia.

“Sofia!” her mum said. Sofia sighed, going to her room and locking the door.

Weeks passed by with Sofia still feeling sad and awfully lonely. Then one day Sofia saw a girl sitting by herself on a bench with a notepad and a pink lunchbox with a pony on it. Sofia thought that this girl’s friends had left her all alone like Sofia’s friends had, so she went up to that girl and asked, “Why are you alone with no friends and what’s your name?”

“My name is Bella and I don’t have any friends because I don’t trust them. Whenever I get things, they gather around me, but when I don’t they leave me alone,” Bella answered with a sweet voice.

“Oh, well my name’s Sofia and my best friend broke up because she wanted to be Jess’s best friend. Now it’s just me sitting alone all the time,” Sofia told her leaving.

“Wait!” Bella yelled.

“Yes“, Sofia said, looking at Bella

“I was thinking you might like to play with me. You’re a friendly girl, not like them,” Bella said.

“Me, well I...I...of course I would like to play with you if you want to,” Sofia answered, smiling at Bella.

“Sure you can play with me. Come on,” Bella said.

They played together every day. They even went to each other’s houses. Some days Bella would get colours and books and other days Sofia would get paint and paper. Other girls would come and gather around them, but they wouldn’t even pay attention. They would just keep going on and on.

One day Bella got Monopoly to play with and Sofia joined in. Jess and Ella came to see what was going on. “Oh, so you’re this girl’s friend now?” said Ella.

“Her name's Bella,” Sofia said.

“Oh you mean her name’s Twit,” laughed Jess.

“Leave her alone you nasty beast!” Sofia exclaimed.

“What if we don’t?” Ella asked.

“I said leave her alone, she hasn’t done any harm to you!” Sofia exclaimed.

“Does it look like we care?” Ella asked.

“Yeah, we’re popular. One click and all the girls in the school are on our side,” Jess added proudly.

“I never knew you two could ever be so stubborn and especially you Ella”, Sofia said.

“Well now I am and you can’t do anything about it,” Ella said.

“Exactly right. We’re prettier, popular, and faster. Oh there is so much stuff; it will take about seven pages to write it all down,” Jess added.

“Did you just say you were faster?” Bella asked.

“Yeah I did. I said we’re prettier, popular, and faster”, Jess answered.

“Well you may be prettier and popular, but your definitely not faster,” Bella said.

“Oh really”, said Ella.

Jess added, “Yeah, we challenge you to run around Verst Hill Park after school.”

Bella said, “You're on.”

Jess said, “And the team who loses will have to be the other team’s servant for life.”

“We’re in,” Bella said.

“You know, ‘for life’ is a really long time,” Sofia said.

“It’s only if we lose,” Bella said.

“So then we all meet at Verst Hill Park after school—3:30 pm sharp,” Jess said.

“Practice cleaning, it’ll be useful when you become our servant,” Jess and Bella laughed.

After school they were all at Verst Hill Park. “Now, no cheats and no short cuts at all,” said Jess.

“One person is slow and the whole team loses, get it?” said Ella.

“Rosie! Come on, we got Rosie to judge,” said Jess.

On your marks, get set and…GO!!!

The race had begun. Jess and Ella took over, with Sofia and Bella following. Sofia caught up to Jess and Ella, but Bella was far behind. Ella and Jess were already halfway through when Bella caught up. Rosie was daydreaming about hanging around with Jess and Ella when she spotted a hole. Rosie quickly put leaves on it so Bella and Sofia would trip. She thought if they tripped she would tell Jess and Ella that she made the trap and they would be so pleased that they would let her play with them. Jess and Ella passed the trap along with Bella, while Sofia tripped.

“Help,” she yelled as she grabbed a stick which was sticking out of the hole.

“Sofia!” Bella yelled.

“You go win the race,” Sofia exclaimed.

“I’m not leaving without you,” Bella yelled back. Suddenly Sofia’s hand slipped.

“Noooooo!” yelled Bella.

She saw Jess and Ella going further, but she had to help her friend. In she jumped.

Down and down and down then bump, she was in a tunnel. “Bella, I told you to win the race, not come here after me,” said a voice.

“Who’s speaking?” Bella asked.

“It’s me Sofia,” Sofia answered. ”Let’s keep moving,” Sofia said.

“How do we know which way to go?” Bella asked.

“We don’t. We can just predict, and I predict right because I’m right handed, so we go that way,” Sofia replied. They kept on moving for hours. “We made it!” exclaimed Sofia.

“Outside?” Bella asked.

“Not a clue,” Sofia answered.

As soon as they stepped on it, it started moving. Up it went…up, up, up then boom, it crashed to the opening.

”Jump!” yelled Sofia.

“I can’t, it’s glass,” Bella said.

“Let me feel it. You’re right, it is glass,” Sofia said. Before they even knew it, they were on a cloud. The whole floor was covered in clouds. There was even a palace and homes made out of clouds. It was a whole kingdom. Well, it was a whole CLOUD KINGDOM!!!

Sofia and Bella couldn’t believe it. Unicorns were flying, fairies were chatting. It was a busy kingdom.

“The queen is coming”, said a lady, well, a cloud lady.

“The queen is coming,” said a cloud man. The word spread. Suddenly, a whole crowd of cloud men, cloud woman, cloud children and much more gathered around the palace and a beautiful lady with a crown came out and everyone bowed, so Bella and Sofia did the same.

“I think she is the queen,” Sofia said.

“Probably,” Bella said.

Behind the queen a beautiful young girl came out with a little tiara.

“She is our size”, Bella said.

“I am here to invite you all to a ball in a palace which my daughter Jasmine will be attending,” the cloud queen said as a teenager came out with a medium sized tiara. Just then a gust of wind blew. It’s the sky queen”, someone said as the sky queen appeared and everyone bowed before her. Sofia and Bella hid behind a cloud.

“I sense human. Where is human?” the sky queen said.

“There is no human here”, the cloud queen said.

“Stop hiding it,” the sky queen said, turning two cloud kids to stone.

“Please spare us. There is no human here, we don’t have anything,” the cloud queen cried sadly.

“Well that means you won’t give up easily, will you?” the sky queen said, turning the cloud queen and everybody else to stone except Bella, Sofia, the little cloud princess, and the teenager cloud princess.

“Now you, Stella”, the cloud queen said, speaking to the little princess. “You have one chance to bring that human to me so I can use its human heart to make my love globe. Until you bring the human to me, I will keep your sister Jasmine. When you get the human, I will give you your sister and I will unfreeze everyone, but until then you stay like this and I will give you three days’ time. On the third day at dawn, the spell will become unbreakable,” the sky queen said, leaving off with Jasmine to her sky palace. Sofia and Bella came out and saw Stella cry.

“We heard everything, and we feel really sorry for you,” Bella said.

“Yeah, we wish there was something we could do,” Sofia added.

Stella stopped crying and got up. “You’re humans; you have to help save my family and our kingdom. How did you get here?” she asked. Sofia and Bella took her inside and told her what had exactly happened. “You could have won the race, Bella, why didn’t you?” Stella asked.

“I had to help my friend,” Bella answered.

“You’re true friends, and that’s true love. Mother said only true love can break the sky queen’s love globe. Maybe you can do it,” Stella said hopefully.

“Us?” Sofia asked.

“Yes, you can do it,“ Stella said.

“Of course we can,” Bella said. Stella told them the location and what they had to do.

Dark and gloomy it was inside. The stairs were huge. Sofia reached the top, but when she looked back Bella wasn’t there. “Bella,” Sofia shouted, coming up. As soon as she came up she saw Bella in a cage.

“How did you get there?” Sofia asked.

“You went too fast and they caught me,” Bella answered.

“Oh, whom do we have here?” the sky queen said.

“Let Jasmine and my friend go,” Sofia said.

“Not so fast,” the sky queen said, hypnotizing Sofia by shining the globe at Sofia’s eyes. “Kill your friend,” the sky queen said, giving Sofia a dagger.

“Don’t listen to her,” Bella said as Sofia came closer.

“Do it,” the queen ordered. Sofia was about to stab Bella when a tear rolled down Bella’s cheek and onto Sofia’s hand. The spell broke as Sofia turned around and aimed the dagger at the globe. There was a huge explosion, the cage disappeared, and all the sky queen’s creations started breaking, including the palace. The girls quickly rescued Jasmine and got onto the unicorns they had come on. Jasmine sat with Bella on a pink unicorn, and they flew straight back to cloud kingdom.

“Guys, you did it,” Stella said, introducing Bella and Sofia to the cloud queen.

“Well that makes you welcome to come to our kingdom anytime you want. Here, take this bracelet. Click that little button when you want to come here,” the cloud queen said as the girls disappeared.

They reappeared at the park at the finish line. “Maybe it was a dream,” Bella said.

“But we still have our bracelets,” Sofia said.

“Let’s keep it a secret,” Bella suggested.

“I think it will be best to keep it a secret too,” Sofia agreed.

“Hey, there you are,” Ella said.

“Sorry for everything, for being mean and nasty everything,” Jess said.

“Yeah, we’re super sorry,” Ella added.

“Now I understand why we had to break the love globe. If we didn’t break it, everyone would hate each other,” Bella whispered to Sophia.

“So, want to play?” Ella asked.

“No thanks, I think we’re fine for now,” Sofia said.

“Okay then. We’ll just be at the playground,” Jess said, leaving off, and now the girls who once had no friends now had friends in two worlds.

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