The View of a Lifetime
Terri, Age 13, Doylestown, PA

The view from the top of the mountains was beautiful, the prettiest sight I had seen in the week in Maine. The rustling trees, chirping blue birds-- flying with the breeze-- and the whispering wind told me to enjoy the view and that, indeed, filled me with awe.
It was a breezy morning, the running river and streams gurgled like they had just brushed their teeth and flossed. I was so glad to be with my family this early in the morning, spending time with them in this beautiful sunrise. The rocky path rolled under my feet as I dragged them across the long, rocky road. Shadows of trees speared through the path like a surreptitious ninja hiding. The birds yelled to warn each other that we were coming, to fly away.
“Terri, we need to eat! Do you have the breakfast sandwiches?” my mom asked, sitting down on a smooth, large boulder.

“Yup,” I jogged over to where everybody was now sitting. “Got them right here.”

After eating, my brother, sister, and I found a large, shallow cave where we could adventure. We all dropped our backpacks, sprinted to the cave, and climbed like professional mountain climbers. The damp inside left few dry spots to sit, although we were already damp from the texture.

We found wish stones, glowing pebbles, and much more. Then suddenly, we all heard fluttering above us. We stopped instantly. “W-what was that?” my sister asked, backing out of the mouth of the cave. We all unleashed our shining weapons of light, also known as flashlights. About thirteen pairs of bright, evil, yellow eyes glared at us, as though they were saying, “Well, well, well. Looks like we got some intruders here.”
“BATS!” We dropped everything and ran, so fast that we tripped over laughing tree roots and bushes.

Tall pines crowded the slanted path, painted in blue x’s to help us find our way. Stone slabs surrounded the trail, like a beautiful frame. It was around 1:30 pm; we were about to break the surface of the trees and make it to the boulders, which were bigger than two people standing on each other. We were all exhausted from an all day hike, but we were so close. So close to our goal! We only needed to go out of the last of the tree lines and we would be there. “WE’RE ALMOST THERE! WE’RE ALMOST THE-.” I glanced behind me and noticed nobody was there. “Mom? Dad? Danielle?! Sean?!!” I said glumly, like a newly formed rain cloud, as I walked back to where I last saw them –the boulders. They were nowhere in sight.

What if I was chased and eaten by a bear, or had to survive my life in the mountains, ten hours away from my house?! Knots formed in my gut; I was sick to my stomach, like a dog that has allergies. The trees seemed to rustle louder, like they were upset too. Wait! There was no wind! The trees weren’t rustling! The bushes behind me were. For a quick second I actually thought it was a black bear, ready to have his midday snack, but then I realized that this was a joke the whole time.

“You guys have problems,” I laughed. “You shouldn’t leave your kid in the middle of the woods. Laughter filled the air. My brother and sister came out of the bushes, cracking up like hyenas. “Where are mom and dad?” I asked, frustrated.

“They are at the top!” Sean said, pointing to the row of x’s slanting up. “Come on, they’re waiting.”

The sight was beautiful. Lakes, rivers, and pine trees everywhere. I was not afraid of going off the edge of the mountain because I was full of awe. We snapped pictures, including one of the two lakes next to each other. I really didn’t want to leave Maine. It was the best vacation I have ever had so far!

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