My Amazing Sister
Veena, Age 11, Dunlap, IL
                      A warning comes with having a sister.
You might get a couple blisters.
Yet they are wonderful people,
And they are not all the same.
Yet the one I have in mind
Is definitely one of a kind.

She loves me to bits,
I love her a little more.
We may yell and kick
And our throats may get sore,
But I love her to bits right back.

One minute we’re friends
The next minute we’re not.
We’ll make amends,
Because sisterhood cannot be bought.

Our relationship is quite complex
And we might stumble on the way
In the end it surely reflects
How we manage not to wander astray.

She thinks our bond is special
I think it is too.
The secrets we keep are confidential
Though nothing that Mom never knew.
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