Love Is Bravery
Kara, Age 12, Singapore
                      Silver tears flowed from her eyes, as she waved goodbye,
White were the warships which were sent for me,
Ten long years of battle, separated from love,
Blood red was her gown that day she cried
Red were the walls, stained with blood,
Dark were the dungeons, black as night.
Five more long years, spent deep in stone,
Stay brave, my love, for this is war!
That night a new banner rose up in the turrets,
Signalling victory of the neighbouring kingdom
The old one was put down
and set on fire.
But do not worry, my love, we shall win,
Our kingdom shall soon be returned to us!
Four struggling years of bitter and hard,
But it was worth the victory.
Finally, our kingdom was set free,
And together, we shall reign!
Her pale blue eyes regain their youth
As we sail through the horizon.
Once foot was set upon the land,
joyous cries could be heard.
Nineteen years of bravery and war,
All the stain of blood and gore,
You've waited long, my love,
Remain vigilant, for love is bravery.
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