Alex, Age 12, Peoria, IL

What a test today
But I didn't study
I should have listened
Instead of talking to
My friends and buddies.

Right there is guy beside me
I'll be as sneaky as a fox
It is kind of hard to see
His paper through his dreadlocks.

The teacher is not looking
Now's my chance
The teacher's not looking
I think she's in a trance.

Wait a minute
Is this the right thing to do?

I will get a good grade
But it will hurt me to.

I know it's just a stupid test
I'll pass it fine
There's no point to cheating
It has no rhythm or rhyme

Cheating is not a good thing
What does it do
At a job
It's too much to go through

The truth is
Cheating doesn't help you

Because even if it works
It will catch up to you.

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