Conni, Age 12, Peoria, IL
                      Attractive, funny, curious
I give love to my family,
a lot of attention to my dog,
and friendship to my neighbor
I like to play on the trampoline,
read my book and play Wipeout on my iPad
I love my family, God, and the things I get for a prize.
I wonder if I could have a jetpack to fly,
and know what people are thinking,
If I will stay young forever
I wish that I could fly,
become a wizard,
and be everyone’s friend
I fear zombies attacking me in my sleep,
vampires sucking me dry
and ghosts haunting me
I want to play on my play set if it was not torn down,
try to make my hair curly,
and sleep more
My final destination is to go somewhere
where there are no rules at all
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