Aileen, Age 12, Dunlap, IL
                      Itís what keeps us together
It creates the ever-lasting bond between two friends
It speaks the vow of a marriage
It establishes the chain that links families together
Itís what makes the world go round.

It molded the shape of the earth
With strong, yet soft hands
That reached out and blessed this big, blue and green sphere
These hands belong to
Our creator, God.

Love is the strongest power ever to be known
It destroys every evil thing in its path-
Fear, anger, hatred, misfortune,
Just to reach our hearts
To perform its duty
Of filling our hearts with joy
With love instead of sin.

But love is a very tricky thing
It requires honesty, faith, and a promise that one is bound to keep
Betrayal can be a very hard obstacle to overcome
But love always wins
Because it has an ally called

Oh, how would the Earth be?
How would the Earth function?
How would the human race survive?
Exactly, how devastating would everything be?
Without the word
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