Get the Medal
Aisha, Age 6, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
                      I will run until I touch the sun
I'll see a donkey passing by
I'll jump on its face
It will cry, cry, cry
I think I will get my medal for jumping
Letís see if I am good at bumping
Boom! Crash!
Letís see if I will get my medal at jumping
I see a meadow
I'll cry and say "I cannot pass that. I will be so tired"
But a big bird won't
I'll go on its back
It will take me over the meadow fast
I will win the running contest
It will be so fun!
Riding on a bird's back will be so fun!
I have to go
Itís almost past one
Quick, Quick!
Get on the bird's back
Or I won't get the medal!
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