Brady, Age 12, Dunlap, IL

Roses are red, Lapis is blue,
I'd trade in my dog for a pickaxe or two.
I love to mine, I'll mine all night.
Until the creepers come out
And I put up a fight.

The creepers blow up
And I go down
Off to the village,
This small little town
I make a new bed,
To sleep through the night
And I dream about zombies
That I always fight
The next morning I awake
And leave from the town
Where I'll find a new home
I will search up and down
I build a new home
With some wood and some dirt
When I build the roof
I hope I don't get hurt
I built a new house
It seemed really nice
When I realized I built it next to some ice
I broke a few blocks so I could fish
When I met a mean squid
That wanted me on his dish
I killed the squid with a rod and a hook
And with its pure ink I made a new book
As I read through the pages
On how to make a portal
I decided to go there and be the first mortal
I went to the Nether
If that's what you call it
I added some glowstone into my wallet I saw a few pigmen
They were swimming in lava
I went over and hit one
When it turned into drama
I escaped just in time
Out through the portal.

Back to the real world
Where everything was normal
I took down my portal so I couldn't jump back in
After that I decided to go for a swim
I went to the lake where there was no ice
Where I went to catch fish
To eat for the night
When I got back to my home
I decided to cook
All the fish from the brook
After a while I got in the mood
So I decided to grow some potatoes for food
I waited for weeks for everything to grow
But I finally gathered it all with my hoe
All of them sparkled in the sunlight
That's when I decided to take the first bite
It tasted so delicious until the next bite,
Then I thought this might be my last night
It was a poisonous potato, I'd seen this before
That's what I said when I fell to the floor
I knew I wouldn't make it; I was down to one heart
That's when I realized it's time to restart.

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