Act of Kindness
Faizaan, Age 8, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

There were two young boys named Hasnan and Karim. Karim was ten years old and Hasnan was seven years old. They were kind, caring, and happy boys. They were living in Pakistan with their family. In their family, they had a mother, a father and a grandma. They wanted to enjoy their vacations so they planned to go to Dream World. They went to Dream World for two weeks in the month of December.

In Dream World, there was a wave pool for all family members, a separate swimming pool for ladies, and a small swimming pool for kids; boating for kids and adults, a tennis court, golf, and other facilities were also available with many indoor games as well. There were two restaurants in Dream World. In the restaurants there were different kinds of yummy foods available, such as Chinese, Indian, and other international dishes.

One day, the family went to play golf in the field. They got a golf club and some balls from a boy, and they paid him money for it. The father and the two boys liked golf the most. When they were coming back from the golf field, the weather was cloudy and they liked it. As they were going to their room, Karim and Hasnan saw two pigeons that fell to the ground. They were injured and were bleeding from their legs. Karim and Hasnan thought that they should take care of them. They asked their family, “Can we take these pigeons to our room?” Their father allowed them to take the pigeons in their room. Karim gently held one pigeon and Hasnan took the other one. Then, they went to their room. First they took the pigeons in their lap. They put bandages on both of the pigeons’ legs. Then both of the pigeons seemed thirsty so the boys gave them water in a small bowl. They drank all of the water and the pigeons felt better. The boys gave names to these pigeons. One pigeon was named Pro and the other was named Hero. The pigeons became happy when they heard their names.

The family took care of the pigeons for five days. After that both of the pigeons were fine and they were ready to soar in the sky. So both pigeons loved the family and the family loved the pigeons. The pigeons said thank you with their expressions and the family said goodbye to them. Hasnan said to Karim, “I feel good that we helped those pigeons.”

“I also feel good. I think animals do not have somebody who can take care of them when they are sick,” said Karim. “Therefore, we should help them and not harm them.”

The moral of the story is we should take care of animals.

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